Paul Russell Quotes

Paul Russell Quotes

Soon would come the night in which there was no more work – not the work of the hands, nor the work of the mind, nor the work of the heart.

A long-simmering resentment against the world can burn off more calories than you might imagine.

There was no denying it. Boys grabbed him. Their loveliness tore him apart. The world was a wonder after all.

The world is what it is.

If it was to be a time of momentous changes, then why not allow oneself to be swept along?

What did beauty matter, anyway?

I think good conversation is really the best form of sex.

Were archaeologists really such a sex-starved lot as all that? Did pigs really sweat?

The angel descended when you were least expecting it. Tracy felt something quietly go click in his despairing heart.

Her heart, she had discovered in the last half year, was of durable stuff. You could test its mettle with a hammer.

For eventually one gets over reality’s affront to one’s innocence. One grows accustomed to the melancholy fact that we all sell ourselves at one time or another, that whoring is the dirty little secret of our success as human beings.

Was there anything quite so painful, so fraught with the possibilities of hurt, as gift giving within a family?

To speak a language that was as intimate and free as certain dreams, saying darkly, thrillingly, My cock inside of you. Your come in my mouth ... He focused on the boy’s slim, tight hips; with the tip of his tongue he tasted an asshole’s bitter, forbidden mystery.

Louis could never shake the suspicion that some people, whether consciously or not, called the storm to themselves.

What bound people together was so fragile.

People always had one kind of animal or another inside them.

People always knew more than you gave them credit for. Perhaps, in the end, no one had any secrets at all.

Education teaches children to lose interest in what matters most to them.

Was this what was called falling in love, this wayward glimpse of another person’s soul?

Still, for all that, her life had lacked passion. The demons had never come for her.

But men are such strange creatures, really. I think most of them would rather we weren’t around at all, so they could just spend time mooning over each other. Hero worship and all that stuff.

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