Red Tash Quotes

Red Tash Quotes

If Liana wanted to fight over Harlow, she was going to lose. Not that I liked him that way. That was to say, I wasn't sure how I felt about Harlow, but it damned sure wasn't up to her to tell me.

I envisioned him tied in a chair, an iron arrow pointed at his brow. Ah, the power of positive thinking.

You know your marriage is in trouble when your wife would rather listen to a cackling drug lord than accept your apology.

It was a crypt where music played to masses of the dead, and McJagger was their desolate pharaoh, a walking mummified king. I remembered it well.

A sign read "Free drinks for billiards competitors only." Hand-lettered below read "All others will pay." It was written in blood. I could tell because a red fairy with what looked like black insect wings was writing it at the time, with his own dismembered finger.

There were lots of things in this lifetime that I'd doubted, precious little I'd known for sure. But in that moment, I knew I would save her, or die trying.

Say what you want about fairies, but you haven't rocked out until you've heard Smoke on the Water played on a harpsichord. ~Harlow

There was nothing but power, and those who hadn't yet found the tap. (Greachin)

Oh, hell. You're a fairy," I said.

"Yeah," he said. "You know, they call it 'being gay' nowadays, but sure, whatever.

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