Shelly Laurenston Quotes

Shelly Laurenston Quotes

“Rich man’s whore!”
“At least mine can cook the food he eats. And replaces it, too.”
“Now see, Dee-Ann Smith. That was just mean!

Angelina leaned forward as Sara pulled Miki back to her, "You know what they say about curiosity? That it stabbed the annoying biker girl over and over and over again until she spit up blood.

I'd rather have rabies than be in love."
"Because at least you can get over rabies with some shots.

I'm a whore!"
Miki hit the brakes...her hands.. gripping the steering wheel, glanced at Sara. "You're not wearing any underwear, are you?"
Sara let out a strangled squeal...

Do you ride?"
She smiled, her fingers lightly sliding around his ear. "Not since I hit that barn"
Zach’s hands paused on her flesh. "You hit a barn?"
"I had to avoid the cow

Is there something wrong with you? Mentally?"

Darlin', you met my family. You've gotta be more specific than that.

(Jess to Smitty)

I think we're avoiding the most important question here. What matters most. What means the most to men like us."

Conall growled at Billy Dunwich's sincere face. "I am not telling you if she swallows."

Dunwich smiled. "Just tell me if she's a good girl...or if she's a very good girl?

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