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Stormie Omartian is a bestselling author who personally connects with readers by sharing experiences and lessons that beautifully illustrate how God changes lives when we learn to trust in Him, seek His will, and follow His lead no matter what the circumstances. The strength and transparency of Stormie Omartian’s message has driven her books to the top of bestselling lists and earned many prestigious awards.

Stormie Omartian Quotes

It's not about finding ways to avoid God's judgment and feeling like a failure if you don't do everything perfectly. It's about fully experiencing God's love and letting it perfect you. It's not about being somebody you are not. It's about becoming who you really are.

We will never be happy until we make God the source of our fulfillment and the answer to our longings. He is the only one who should have power over our souls.

You must know that you are worth much to me whether you accomplish anything or not. Even if you are rejected in the world's eyes, you are valuable to me.

As prayer warriors, we must remember that no matter how hopeless a situation may appear to us, God gives us power in prayer to do something about it.

We may be overwhelmed by it, but God isn’t. We may not see a way out, but God can. Because of Him, we can make a difference!

Pray that your children will develop a heart that seeks after God.

Ask Jesus to live in you & fill you with His Holy Spirit, & thank Him that you’re now God’s child

If you’re being tormented by guilt or feelings of failure in this area, confess your thoughts to God, pray about it, put it in God’s hands, and then stand up and proclaim the truth!

The greatest sense of love, which is available for us at all times, is God’s love.

Many of us suffer because we think that if people don’t really love us, then we will have to live forever without love. But it’s not true. The greatest sense of love, which is available for us at all times, is God’s love.

God wants to lead you to places you cannot get to without Him, and He does that by the power of His Spirit.
He can bring you into the realm of the miraculous - not as a show, but as a demonstration of His love and compassion for the lost, hurting, or needy. Who among us doesn’t want or need that?

Every moment God gives you is precious. Never take the life and moments He has given you for granted

God’s power and love don’t fade, nor does His presence, but we cannot tap into it as fully when we don’t have praise and worship toward Him in our heart

All the weapons of hate and cruelty cannot stand against God’s love. The spiritually blind and intentionally evil try to oppose it, but they cannot ultimately win. That’s because all creation was formed and is sustained by God

Know that we never have to walk in darkness. Even when we get into dark times or dark situations, God’s light is always there to be found!

When you receive God's love, it means you're getting close to Him, spending time in His presence, opening your heart to Him, seeking to know Him, and desiring to be more like Him. Remember that choosing to receive God's love changes your life.

The Holy Spirit’s desire is that we become more and more dependent upon Him for every step. That’s because He wants to take us to places we’ve never been before. To heights we can’t even imagine!

Lord, I pray that my husband will be strong in the Lord and put on the whole armor of God, so he can stand against the enemy every day. Enable him to take up the shield of faith, helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.

Pray that your marriage is one in which you both agree & that God will be in the center of it

We all can have accidents in life. God knew this, and so He sent Jesus as our Healer. His healing touch is God’s mercy to us. If you are hurt, ask God to heal you and then trust Him to do it in His way and in His time.

When you live by God’s Word, your life works. When you live without God’s Word, life doesn’t work. God’s Word builds you up, feeds your soul, and gives you strength, direction, guidance, hope, encouragement, and faith. Remember that He gave you His Word so that you would know Him and the way He wants You to live.

Children who have faith have distinctly different characteristics from those who don't. In fact, one of the main manifestations of a person with strong faith is the ability to give - not just in terms of money or possessions, but also time, love, and encouragement.

Praying always means praying through things and not giving up. It means being ever-watchful and persevering in prayer in order to see breakthrough.
God wants us to be persistent in our praying. Don’t forget to spend some quiet time praying to your Heavenly Father today.

If you ever seem to be sliding back into the very thing you’ve already been set free of, don’t even waste time getting discouraged. Often what seems like the same old thing coming back again may be a new layer surfacing that needs to come off. You’re not going backwards - you are going deeper.

There is no neutral position in the Lord. You are either becoming more like Christ every day or you’re becoming less like Him. That’s because whether you realize it or not, you’re never standing still.

Obedience to God’s Word begins by being determined to make no compromise with His ways. It requires a clear understanding that God’s rules and laws are for your benefit, and for you to do all you can to live by them.

It’s only when we acknowledge God as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, that we can receive His love for us.

There are so many things we do not appreciate in our life until we recognize God's love for us in them.

Good soldiers know that if they don’t recognize who their enemy is, they are destined to lose the war. That is also true for those of us who battle in God’s army. Even though Jesus put the enemy under His feet and won the victory for us, we still must move into that victory. There are still battles to be fought in prayer.

Whatever God has called your husband to be or do, He has also called you to support it and be part of it, if in no other way than to pray, encourage, and help in whatever way possible.

There’s only one power in the world great enough to help us rise above the difficult things we face: the power of God.

Don’t be afraid when you have to pray fervently because of your circumstances. God is wanting to do something great through you!

Don’t think too small about what God could do in your life - be prepared for God to do a big thing.

When a wise woman speaks, her words are gracious. Ask God to help you find words that speak life to those around you.

It’s important that you keep asking God to show you what He wants you to do. If you don’t ask, you won’t know.

If you want to determine if your thoughts are from the enemy or from God, ask yourself, 'Are these thoughts I’d choose to have?

God wants to bless us in many ways that require faith. We must trust that He is answering our prayers even when we can’t see it.

In the darkest times of your life, your praise to God should be the loudest. Let the enemy know you’re not afraid of the dark.

We don’t want to limit what God can do in our children by trying to parent them alone - Trust God to take care of them.

Allow yourself to be possessed by God by receiving Jesus, and you will never be possessed by anything else.

The phrase “timing is everything” is never more true than in your walk with God - HIS timing is everything.

Talking to God should be part of every aspect of life, in times of peace as well as in every battle.

Praying is not telling God what to do. It’s trusting that God knows what to do.

When we forgive someone, it doesn’t justify what they’ve done. It releases them into God’s hands so He can deal with them.

People’s love for us may change, depending on what we do or don’t do to please them. But God’s does not - it’s everlasting.

The battle for our lives, and the lives of our children, our husbands, our friends, our families, & our nation, is waged on our knees.

The quality of your relationships will determine the quality of your life. And this is something worth praying about.

How you respond to the enemy of your soul determines whether his plan for your life or God's plan for your life is realized.

. . . you have no idea how many people there are in the world whose day could be made and their life changed for the better if someone would just look them in the eye, smile, and say, "Hello.

Lord, help me to have Your love and forgiveness in my heart. Enable me to live in peace, tranquility, simplicity, and good health. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Know that your heart can be deployed to wherever the Lord sends you in prayer

When our heart wants to live in purity & do the right thing, God will keep us from falling into sin.

My dreams had to be His dreams, the ones He placed in my heart. They couldn't be the ones I thought I should have, or needed for the purpose of making other people like me.

God is always waiting for us to come to Him, so we can be set free from anything that keeps us from becoming more like Him. To the children of Israel in bondage in Egypt, God said He saw their oppression, heard their cry, and knew their sorrows, so He came to deliver them (Exodus 3:7-8). Know that He will do the same for you.

When you find the church you're supposed to be in, you will recognize the pastor’s voice as an important spiritual authority in your life.

As you pray for your children, you will find it to be an unending habit of your heart. Being able to positively affect your children in prayer will keep you in close contact with them and actively involved in their lives, even after they leave home. And it will continually contribute to your joy as a parent!

When things are good in your life, take the time to build and fortify your relationship with the Lord. Never become complacent about your relationship with Him, because there’s always room to grow DEEPER!

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