Susan Beth Pfeffer Quotes

Susan Beth Pfeffer Quotes

Sometimes the rules don't work. Sometimes the rules cause the anarchy.

If God wanted a world filled with saints, He never would have created adolescence.

I wonder if I'll ever have to decide which is worse, life as we're living or no life at all.

But she's wrong about hell. You don't have to wait until you're dead to get there.

Sometimes the rues don't work. Sometimes the rules cause the anarchy.

Because if I let myself feel the pain and the anger, I think it might kill me. Or I might kill someone else. I know it's wrong to feel that way about God and I know its's wrong to not feel anything. I hate it. I don't hate God. I hate not loving Him.

This past year I grew up to know hunger, grief, darkness, fear. I began to understand how lonely you can feel even when all you want is to be alone.

I have scars. No one alive today doesn't. But Alex's scars have to be much deeper than mine.

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