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Currently resides in: Free State, South Africa Born in Pretoria South Africa Founding Editor - Y-Not Culture Magazine

Unarine Ramaru Quotes

Change can never be good until you face it head-on.

Past experience doesn't go away, so the secret is to accept, embrace and learn from it. However the key to the secret, is to keep it at bay and be open minded about the future from the second after the experience and never let the experience be the bar or commission of anything thereafter.

Rap in its form is poetry, meaning the point of convergence is words.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming, but there is everything wrong with dreaming without any intention to make the dream a reality.

Your craft is comprehensive if it represents you.

Real life starts when you are doing something you love out of passion.

As a Priest got a calling to preach, you also got a calling to do whatever you do, so do it with passion and only God can stop your calling.

If only I had; Will never be in your vocab if you start working on your dreams right now.

Rest is luxury when you chasing your dreams, don't get used to it and don't prolong it when you get a chance at it.

Being surrounded by successful people, doesn't mean you made it.

Pride grants you a happily never after.

Curiosity is always good if it is aimed at learning.

If you love someone let them know, if you hate someone learn to love them.

Introspection is not a privilege, you don't have to subscribe to it. On any occasion you can discover wisdom and oneself.

Wisdom along with maturity is self understanding and defining one's character through reasoning in a circumstance.

You cannot define success and do that exceptionally well without a mention of "gratitude".

Lifeboats are decked out on the sides of a ship waiting for when disaster strikes, faith on the other hand is a part of you for whenever.

Practice mercy and forgiveness throughout as a lesson that symbolizes the love shown through his crucifixion.

I don't want to be like my mentor or inspiration, I can do better. Don't get me wrong, I need them to motivate and inspire me but my potential can never be like theirs.

Love is not the perfect match, love is the connection between two people.

Give someone you wronged a chance to express their true feelings and learn about yourself and your shortcomings.

The greatest crime ever created is caring and loving.

Become faithful to yourself, if you do, it will come natural towards everyone else.

The house you built can cave you in if you didn't do it right.

Missing someone enlightens how the person means to you and broadens the feelings shared.

The true wealth of a man is not what's in his pocket, but what's in his heart.

You haven't lived life, until you can or are able to tell someone, they are the essence of your life.

If you value your relationship or friendship, your ego won't stand in the way of a meaningful apology.

There is difference when someone says 'Love You' and when they 'I Love You'. The word 'I' saws the worthiness and devotion in what you are saying.

The only things that all men want is a woman that respects him and challenge his intelligence plus ambitions.

Love is immune to whatever circumstance.

Love is being able to carry each others circumstances and making it your own, even though you didn't play a role in its foundation.

Every single man who is too stupid enough to realize how beautiful is God's creation through WOMEN and continuously lay his hand on them, he is not man enough to be classified with the rest of us.

A real woman's blood pressure will go up when another man touch her, in anger of me losing my dignity and not because she likes it.

The moment you in a relationship, know that every action you take, carries your partner's dignity along with yours.

God made certain people part of your life because he knew his purpose for your lives will be achieved through your bond.

The atmosphere you create influence the reception the other person will give you.

Pray for change in your heart and not your circumstance, and you will see what will happen.

The sad reality of Mankind: Faith is the currency people trade in, through their ego and selfish ways.

Faith like hope, if you keep on, the results are a positive lifestyle and dreams achieved.

Success shouldn't be revenge or a way to overwhelm the naysayers. If that is your reason, you are far from being content.

Dream × Vision × Time(sacrifices) × Work(persistence) = Success

If you miss any of them, remember any sum/number multiplied by zero is = 0

The point of criticism is to build you as a leader and a dimension to reflect.

There isn't a soul in this universe with the same gifts, strength, level of intelligence and as good as yourself!

Measure your success by the ladder you set for yourself and not on what somebody achieved or done!

Everyone is born with an instinct of success, and ability to make it, but only the ones who think out of the box succeed.

Doubt is an obstacle to success, and success is how you control the doubt.

If you have fallen down, you cannot go further down, so pick yourself up and aim high, you've got nothing to lose.

Knowledge alone is not enough, but with hard work it's worth progression.

Look forward with confidence and backwards with attitude.

No matter what the odds say, be even with who you truly are.

Never be fooled that you are not number one, they got it wrong, because you beat a bunch of sperms to be alive.

Don't make noise, rather give people good reasons to make noise about you.

Being a solution and not a problem proves progression.

Success is not for everyone, but if everyone had a phobia of failure, success was going to be a common thing.

Getting money is easy but do you have the education that will help maintain it?

If you don't make a difference, you don't matter.

Talent does not search for the person, in fact the person needs to search for the talent inside him and take it out to show the world.

Jealousy is not there to encourage you to make someone fail, but there to encourage one to do more than the one they envy.

Is Illuminati real or it is our way of undermining each others success?

To achieve greatness it simply starts with self-belief.

Let your work show off for you and not your ego.

Learning from others is primary to your success, even doctors seek advice from specialists.

Education is not life planning, it is life.

The beauty that is in the results of your hard work, is not worth any compromise or delay

We can do away with ignorance, if we take it upon ourselves to encourage each other to use our intelligence.

Art is a mirror of time, it must reflect a moment.

A woman's endurance enabled your first breath.

The biggest opportunity one can get in life, it is a chance to make friends!

The beauty of life is being able to do everything you set your heart to.

Value those who give you constructive criticism, because without them doing so, you will never reach the peak of what you are do.

Choose criticism wisely, it might help you improve some elements of what you do.

The purpose of music as an art form, is to engage the audience.

Art becomes an honest expression once done for oneself. Failure of that results to empty and transparent art.

Photographers are artists, they capture and bring emotion in the motions of life.

A performance does not capture or communicate with the mood and feelings of that very moment.

Don't deny your parents a chance at happiness and also an opportunity to see you achieve greatness.

Everything have a foundation, even your fame; It started as little support from your family and immediate friends; Don't forget that because they saw the raw talent before everyone saw the polished act. Stay True instead of being a fame fool.

The biggest form of witchcraft is denying someone information.

Respect can be offered and is deserved by a homeless man and so by a president.

I am a dreamer; Dreams are one's reflection, a coherent plan for action is the only spectacle to see the reality of my dreams.

I don't believe in dreams that don't evolve, if your potential develops all the time, how is it possible that your dreams stay the same.

Never forget why you should win or achieve your goals and dreams. Once you feel you are losing purpose in the process, remind yourself why you saw the need to begin in the first place, let that drive you.

The greatest story every(any)one can tell is the story of their life. Just don't let the climax of your story be unrealized dreams.

Mental Slavery remains the biggest form of oppression till this day. New insights or ideas is what shines freedom from such an oppression.

Art is the reflection of pure emotion and mind, the nature of sensation. An artist illustrates that.

We need conscious entertainment that engage and influence its consumer to rational thinking.

Rap is supposed to motivate, humours, address societal issues & personal feelings, and also liberate me through art, not insult our women.

You don't need to change who you are to praise God.

If you seek happiness through someone else's perspective, you might as well get comfortable in sorrow.

We need to start asking ourselves, does religion make people narrow minded or open minded?

I hate coming out of conversations without learning anything.

You can teach a person on how to do things right but they are not obliged to your advise; After all responsibility is a personal thing.

The moment you are doing something to SPITE someone, just know you are the one with something to lose, which is HONOUR and PRINCIPLE.

There are different churches because men wanted to interpret the Bible to their favour and which conflicts with the next person's interpretation. These led to people starting different churches, that ministers what they interpret as right.

As humans we need each other to give meaning to the word happy!

I believe a leader is inspired by his/her team to lead them.

If you don't get any motivation from your team, there is nothing wrong with those you lead but your form of leadership.

The mindset you have, determines the next step you take.

I can't predict the future but I'm pretty much sure of how I want it to be, how so? Because I have a dream and zero reasons not to achieve it.

Taking time to look back, is a foundation on course to build a stable future.

When your life flashes through your eyes make sure there is enough to see, until then work hard on your ambitions and live life to the fullest.

If you got a dream, you are good to go. The only extra luggage you will need is self-belief and perseverance.

Failure is not actually an event, it is more a reaction to an event and is an important part of learning.

Start looking at the glass as half full and not half empty, a positive life is secondary to you being positive.

If you thought of it, don't be fooled into thinking it is a dumb Idea.

If you not on a death bed, then why are you saying you can't do it or you have done it all?

Being focused in life is not only knowing what you want, but also how and why.

We came to life to leave a mark, either a wrong or right! So what route is your lifestyle taking?

To have a positive influence on someone's life is a blessing.

A friendship has no guidelines.

A true friend is not the one you share laughter with. But the one you share laughter and sorrow with.

You are my friend because I saw my ability to increase my knowledge around you.

Sometimes one doesn't have to be part of the experience to realize and learn from the experience.

The biggest insult to any parent is a child that lives up to society standards and not his or her full potential.

Follow your purpose with integrity. Live your passion with integrity. If you don't have integrity you live in fear, and as far as I'm concerned living in fear is not enjoying life.

I can teach you how to respect but self-respect is self taught.

Knowledge is the facts and information accumulated through researching, observing or experience; Wisdom is the ability to choose certain aspects of knowledge acquired to be true, right and applicable to your life and society. Do not confuse the two.

The biggest gift to oneself is affording yourself a chance to learn.

One of the things I enjoy about being young is learning from my elders without them giving direct advise.

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