Veronica Rossi Quotes

Veronica Rossi Quotes

Love is a rebellious bird that nobody can tame.

In the afternoon, they stopped to eat on a rocky outcrop. Perry brushed a kiss on her cheek while she was chewing, and she learned that it was the loveliest thing to be kissed for no reason, even while chewing food. It brightened the woods, and the never sky, and everything.

She did it, though she hated opera. She hated everything about it. The overblown sense of drama. The violence and lewdness. No one had ever died of heartbreak in Reverie. Betrayal never led to murder. Those things didn’t happen anymore. They had the Realms now. They could experience anything without taking risks. Now, life was Better than Real.

Without thinking, he reached for her hand. Tucked it against her chest, feeling that was where it should be. Perry's heart slammed against his ribs. She had to feel it.

She’d fallen into a deep silence once, when the sun appeared, and it was then he’d wondered most what she was thinking.

Her hand holding his for a dozen paces. His, resting on the small of her back for a moment. Touches that had no real purpose but to say I’m here and We are together still.

He’d pushed it back, where he’d kept the thought for weeks, but it wouldn’t stay. Wouldn’t stop. Wouldn’t let him go.

If there was no fear, how could there be comfort? Or courage?

It was an irrational fear. But when had fear ever been rational?

There was nothing more painful than hurting someone you loved.

But when a cut is deep, it’s still just flesh beneath.

-¿Y qué crees tú que ha hecho?
-no me importa lo que haya hecho, y a ti tampoco debería importarte. Vamos. Volvamos con Aria. Va por ahí.
-Ya sé por donde ha ido.
Rugido le dio una palmada fuerte en el hombro.
-Sólo quería asegurarme de que te habías fijado.

It's time, Perry". He let her go. She took a step back, taking in his face one last time. His green eyes. The bend in his nose and the scars on his cheek. All the tiny inperfections that made him beautiful. Without a word, she turned and made her way downhill.

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