Authors Quotes

Stephen King

Quiet people have the loudest minds.. Stephen King
Quiet people have the loudest minds.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

When male authors write love stories, the heroine tends to end up dead.

Flannery O'Connor

Anybody who has survived his childhood has enough information about life to last him the rest of his days.


If you have a dream, don’t just sit there. Gather courage to believe that you can
If you have a dream, don’t just sit there. Gather courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality.


Don’t let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the mental
Don’t let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the mental blocks into building blocks.


The world’s greatest achievers have been those who have always stayed focussed on their goals and
The world’s greatest achievers have been those who have always stayed focussed on their goals and have been consistent in their efforts.

E.A. Bucchianeri

One piece of wisdom a writer quickly learns ~ typos keep you humble.

Dorothy Parker

If you have any young friends who aspire to become writers, the second greatest favor you can do them is to present them with copies of The Elements of Style. The first greatest, of course, is to shoot them now, while they’re happy.

Benjamin J. Carey

At the end of the day your ability to connect with your readers comes down to how you make them feel.

Martha Sweeney

It's a good thing, right, when an author gets turned on by the dirty scenes they write?!

Roman Payne

The lot of the bride
to be wed before bed
desired until rotten.
The lot of the author
to be read before bed
admired then forgotten.

J.D. Salinger

What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn't happen much, though.

Thomas Mann

A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.

G.K. Chesterton

A good novel tells us the truth about its hero; but a bad novel tells us
A good novel tells us the truth about its hero; but a bad novel tells us the truth about its author.

Louisa May Alcott

I've got the key to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock the door remains to be seen.

Carlos Ruiz Zafón

A story is a letter that the author writes to himself, to tell himself things that he would be unable to discover otherwise.

Kim Addonizio

. . . All artists’ work is autobiographical. Any writer’s work is a map of their psyche. You can really see what their concerns are, what their obsessions are, and what interests them.

P.G. Wodehouse

It was one of the dullest speeches I ever heard. The Agee woman told us for three quarters of an hour how she came to write her beastly book, when a simple apology was all that was required.

John Steinbeck

As with many people, Charles, who could not talk, wrote with fullness. He set down his
As with many people, Charles, who could not talk, wrote with fullness. He set down his loneliness and his perplexities, and he put on paper many things he did not know about himself.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Books are for nothing but to inspire. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Books are for nothing but to inspire

David Gerrold

To say that a writer's hold on reality is tenuous is an understatement-it's like saying the Titanic had a rough crossing. Writer's build their own realities, move into them and occasionally send letters home. The only difference between a writer and a crazy person is that a writer gets paid for it.

Eudora Welty

It had been startling and disappointing to me to find out that story books had been written by people, that books were not natural wonders, coming up of themselves like grass.

Julian Barnes

The writer has little control over personal temperament, none over historical moment, and is only partly in charge of his or her own aesthetic.

Meagan Spooner

Writer's block' is just a fancy way of saying 'I don't feel like doing any work today.

Red Haircrow

I write to believe in goodness.

Chloe Thurlow

Between the lines of every book the writer reveals their own secrets.

Alain De Botton

One kind of good book should leave you asking: how did the author know that about me?

Philip Larkin

There is bad in all good authors: what a pity the converse isn't true!

J.V. Cunningham

The finder of his theme will be at no loss for words.

John Lanchester

The standard personality type for a writer is a shy megalomaniac.

Doris Lessing

I don't know much about creative writing programs. But they're not telling the truth if they don't teach, one, that writing is hard work, and, two, that you have to give up a great deal of life, your personal life, to be a writer.

P.D. James

All Jane Austen novels have a common storyline: an attractive and virtuous young woman surmounts difficulties to achieve marriage to the man of her choice. This is the age-long convention of the romantic novel, but with Jane Austen, what we have is Mills & Boon written by a genius.

Elizabeth Sims

... And the only way to find that honesty is to not overthink it.

For your writing to come alive-to be multi-dimensional-you must barter away some control.

E.B. White

There is nothing harder to estimate than a writer's time, nothing harder to keep track of. There are moments - moments of sustained creation - when his time is fairly valuable; and there are hours and hours when a writer's time isn't worth the paper he is not writing anything on.

Mary O'Hara

Sooner or later every writer evolves his own definition of a story.

Mine is: A reflection of life plus beginning and end (life seems not to have either) and a meaning.

Mariam Kobras

‎"It almost felt like the dolphin of my heart’s desire playing in the ocean of my life." - on writing

Richelle E. Goodrich

I love words.  I crave descriptions that overwhelm my imagination with vivid detail.  I dwell on phrases that make my heart thrum.  I cherish expressions that pierce my emotions and force the tears to spill over.   In essence, I long for a writer's soul sealed in ink on the page.

E.A. Bucchianeri

If you want to find out if someone is a true bookworm or not, give them a thousand page novel and see what happens.

Ryan Lilly

Quotes are echos of voices transporting wisdom, humor, and love. Returning again to the human condition, fleeting once more as a dove.

Ryan Lilly

A quote is a story, suspended in a sentence and treasured through time.

Alex G. Zarate

How do I get inspired? Life.

Yuri Boganov

Teams that spend a lot of time learning the tricks of the trade will probably never
Teams that spend a lot of time learning the tricks of the trade will probably never really learn the trade.

Evelyn Leilou Colon

I have witness the stars brighter
than a poet can create a simpleton world. Shall we write 'until death do us part.

Philip L. Moore

If you can read & write then the opportunities are endless, if you just believe in yourself then anything is possible, you can become anyone and do anything, what’s more is, you can take others with you!

A.K. Kuykendall

My fingers burn behind the keys of my typewriter, the lettering fading with every thoughtful strike. The many words I write I dare not stall; my mind perpetually alert for my magnum opus call.

Jo Linsdell

There's no such thing as 'no market'. Some books are just niche orientated that's all.

J.E.B. Spredemann

Readers are the glue that binds the books together.

Ryan Lilly

A hammer made of deadlines is the surest tool for crushing writer's block.

Christos Tsiolkas

I couldn’t admit to any of the boys I hung out with that I wanted to fuck ’em, so my erotic life was in my imagination and in the body.

Anne Rice

Writers had a way of redeeming everything that ever happens to them.

Christos Tsiolkas

I swooned again – I had that moment of falling in love with reading again.

Richelle E. Goodrich

It's a phenomenal experience jumping from the devious mind of a sorceress bent on conquering the world to the compassionate musing of a queen capable of healing life with a touch - all in a flicker of thought. That's why I love writing.

E.A. Bucchianeri

Free time is a terrible thing to waste. Read a book.

Zia Haider Rahman

Since when did books ever solve anything? They only raise more questions than they answer, otherwise they’re just fucking entertainment, and I am not here to fucking entertain you.

Zia Haider Rahman

That’s another argument for writing: making something that outlasts you.

Ashly Lorenzana

Your whole life and the story of your journey is the landscape picture on the front of the box of a 1,000 piece puzzle. The pieces are each a small sticky note that ends in mid-sentence. You simply need to figure out where each one starts and ends.

Ashly Lorenzana

The fact of the matter is that you should really stop concerning yourself with writing a book because anyone can write a book that totally sucks. There is nothing special about that.

Mary Papas

David had left her,taking his insane jealousy with him.

Christos Tsiolkas

Contemporary writers annoyed him, he found their worlds insular, their style too self-conscious and ironic. Theirs was not a literature that belonged to him.

Noël Coward

Am reading more of Oscar Wilde. What a tiresome, affected sod.

A.K. Kuykendall

The word 'NO' is the best motivation there is for the storyteller in you.

Mark A. Cooper

I'm not interested in the reviews by critics over the age of 15.

David Rose

Knowing that others want to read my writing is the greatest inspiration to write.

E.A. Bucchianeri

What is it about us lady authors and our fascination for the exclamation mark?

Brandi L. Bates

A writer will divine a metaphor from a pattern on a dress, or a gesture, because sunsets have been done before.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

A hundred years ago, an average teenager knew countless authors, and, a sex position or two. Today, an average teenager knows countless sex positions, and, an author or two.

Adam Gopnik

Big writers become a kind of shared climate.

Don Roff

Authors must spend months, years making fantasy believable in a single work while reality runs rampant and complete chaos elsewhere.

Nina Jean Slack

Writing has become more than just a profession, and hobby…it has become a way to express my feelings and pour my entire soul into the pages of my books. Thank God for the little things in life that makes us feel infinite and tranquil…the little things that make way for us to escape reality and enter new worlds that we create. -Nina Jean Slack

Jorge Luis Borges

... in art nothing is more secondary than the author's intentions.

Aoboshi Kimama

I'm going to be a person who writes stories.

I never told mom and dad how much I loved them.

I wanna be someone who can tell a lot of people how much I love them.

Brandi L. Bates

Most people don't have real friends. You have people in your life waiting for opportunities to see what YOU can do for them.

Munia Khan

Only the writers can change or fix the past by going back to edit old works

Teresa Mummert

Write something worth reading and your voice will be heard.

Teresa Mummert

We need to stop trying to get attention by seeing who can scream and cry the loudest. Write something worth reading and your voice will be heard.

Nora Roberts

Grayson: Fiction is just a lie anyway.

Brianna: But it's not - it's a different kind of truth - it would be your truth at the time of the writing, wouldn't it?

Arundhati Roy

Fiction and non-fiction are only different techniques of story telling. For reasons I do not fully understand, fiction dances out of me. Non-fiction is wrenched out by the aching, broken world I wake up to every morning.

Ben Lerner

There were the usual exhortations to purity – think of the novel not as your opportunity to get rich or famous but to wrestle, in your own way, with the titans of the form – exhortations poets don’t have to make, given the economic marginality of the art, an economic marginality that soon all literature will share.

Dermot Davis

People don’t read to enlighten themselves or seek to gain some valuable insight into their own psychology. People read to escape.

Dermot Davis

By their very nature, idiots do not have the intellectual capacity to identify genius. All that idiots are mentally equipped to recognize are other idiots.

Sara Sheridan

Copywriters, journalists, mainstream authors, ghostwriters, bloggers and advertising creatives have as much right to think of themselves as good writers as academics, poets, or literary novelists.

E.A. Bucchianeri

If you cannot judge a book by its cover, surely we should not judge an author by one book alone?

Munia Khan

A writer leads a hyphenated-life with words

Ogwo David Emenike

Writers are like tricksters. Their words lure us to embark on journeys and unlock our emotions.

Max Vegaritter

As individuals, great writers from Villon to Diderot to Voltaire to
Rousseau to Byron or Shelley have often shown themselves to be
irresponsible, selfish, mean or sometimes even cowardly people. Their lives were drab or self destructive or reckless.

We read them for their Words, not for their deeds.

Marti Melville

When the vision fill yours mind and passio hits your gut, the need to write it down cannot be stifled.

Ace Antonio Hall

Let your passion bleed through your work. No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

Alina Radoi

they say that girls are the ones who want fairy tail endings, but then again, who are the authors of fairy tales? mostly men...

Nadine C. Keels

Writers and artists know that ethereal moment, when just one, fleeting something-a chill, an echo, the click of a lamp, a question - -ignites the flame of an entire work that blazes suddenly into consciousness.

Neil Gaiman

I’m an author. We don’t want to lead. We don’t need to follow. We stay home and make stuff up and write it down and send it out into the world, and get inside people’s heads. Perhaps we change the world and perhaps we don’t. We never know. We just make stuff up.

Richelle E. Goodrich

Some build their castles 'mid thunderbolts and fireworks. My worlds take shape in silence.

Richelle E. Goodrich

Authors always carry a means for scribbling and an excuse for pausing, often inopportunely, to record those fleeting sparks of creative fancy that might otherwise vanish like a wisp in the wind if ignored.  Writing is a jealous and needy lover.

Brenda Ashworth Barry

A writer is never just looking out of a window or staring into space. They are building a universe to share with the world

Italo Calvino

It's better not to know authors personally, because the real person never corresponds to the image you form of him from reading his books.

Benny Bellamacina

The life we’re given is on a thread, so wear it well.

Amaka Imani Nkosazana

Always being truthful gives you a certain kind of freedom. It springs forth like a fountain splashing throughout your body until it floods your soul. To be honest and to be trustworthy are great attributes. Ah, the power, Ah, the freedom

Lindy Dale

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. ~William Wordsworth

Being an author is like being in charge of your own personal insane asylum. ~Graycie Harmon

Palle Oswald

Authors are the closest thing man would come to understanding God. It is a remarkable thing to conjure up a life and create its story.

William Goldman

The Princess Bride
S. Morgenstern's
Classic Tale of True Love
and High Adventure

You had to admire a guy who called his own new book a classic before it was published and anyone had a chance to read it.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Love what is simple and beautiful.
These are the essentials.

Oprah Winfrey

Opportunity may knock only once but temptation leans on the door bell

Sontia Levy

Getting a spark of inspiration to write is the best feeling in the world, no matter what time it is...I get a feeling on the inside that urges me to get up from whatever I am doing, grabbing that pen and writing down whatever my heart and mind tells me too... it's beautiful."

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