Break Quotes

Dan Pearce

Children are gifts. They are not ours for the breaking. They are ours for the making.

Dan Pearce

Dads. Do your faces light up when you first see your child in the morning or when you come home from work? Do you not understand that a child’s entire sense of value can revolve around what they see in your face when you first see them?

Dan Pearce

Loving my son, building my son, touching my son, playing with my son, being with my son… these aren’t tasks that only super dads can perform. These are tasks that every dad should perform. Always. Without fail.

Stacey T. Hunt

To be inspired is great, but to inspire is an honor.

Amit Kalantri

The fastest and easiest way to accomplish any task is to do it with minimum breaks and pauses.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

12% of employees eat because they are hungry. 88% of employees eat because it is 1 o’clock.

Shelley Noble

Margaux was older and wiser now and knew the waves couldn't fix what was wrong in her life, but at least they might give her some temporary respite.

Tite Kubo

Every thing in this world exist to wear you down

Mia Asher

Love is never supposed to hurt. Love is supposed to heal, to be your haven from misery, to make living fucking worthwhile.

Sarah Dessen

That first love. And the first one who breaks your heart. For me, they just happen to be the same person.

Christine Feehan

If what he said was the truth, it broke her heart. If what he said was a lie, it was broken anyway.

Charlotte Eriksson

When you think your life is falling apart, it's usually falling together in disguise.

Ally Carter

I tell you, I'm half tempted to break into CIA custody just so I can break Joe Solomon out of CIA custody just so I can break Joe Solomon.

Carew Papritz

Take off my clothes and there becomes a man. Take off my skin and there becomes my bones. Break all my bones and there becomes my heart. Smash my heart and there becomes my soul. And that you cannot take.

Kristen Callihan

If you try to take our heart without earning our soul, our heart will break

Rainbow Rowell

Everytime, he breaks your heart. And everytime, he expects me to pick up the pieces.

Claire North

Forgive me," I wrote at the bottom. "I did not think I would break.

Eric Samuel Timm

The noise distorts the truth but we can break through, we need to base our foundation upon the Rock.

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