Crushes Quotes

Crystal L. Swain

C.R.U.S.H means carelessly rushing upon serious heartbreak, in other words unrequited love.

Crystal Woods

Even when I'm sleeping, I go to places where you are.

Kate Orman

Can you get that through your head, right?’ she said through gritted teeth. ‘This was not some moony little teenage crush. This is a real live want to throw him on the floor and shag him till bits break off kind of problem. All right?’ [Sam Jones on the Eighth Doctor]

Shannon Celebi

I hung a picture of him above my bed and learned by hand the internal workings of the female combustion engine.

Lailah Gifty Akita

It is sad but so many tragedies can be avoided, if we extend a little bit of love to one another.

Bowen Elizabeth

He specialized in a particular kind of friendship with that eight-limbed, inscrutable, treacherous creature, the happily married coupe, adapting himself closely and lightly to the composite personality.

A peevish dead's absurd...ho much less humiliating for them both it would have been if she had taken a lover.

Aniesha Brahma

When I was young I couldn't string two words together in his presence. I would merely nod and shake my head. Though on a fortunate day, I could force out monosyllabic answers. Tonight, everything suddenly changed.

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