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Aniekee Tochukwu

Good Music creates an intersection between heaven and the soul. Aniekee Tochukwu
Good Music creates an intersection between heaven and the soul

Karl Lagerfeld

Fashion and music are the same, because music express its period too.

Amaka Imani Nkosazana

Simple minded people do things like gossip, lie, spread rumors, and cause troubles. But, I know you're more intelligent.

Jerril Thomas Abraham

it's not all about the direction,its about the destination.

Aniruddha Sastikar

Every individual is an author in himself. It is only that he falls short of words to express; list of stories.

Dejan Stojanovic

It is beautiful to express love and even more beautiful to feel it.

Elizabeth George

Prayer and faith are bound together. Faith is the inspiration for prayer, and prayer is the expression of that faith.

Ron Barrow

Carpe Diem... I express my gratitude for everything in my life. What else is possible?

James A. Murphy

Music is the language of all. It tames the savage beast and allows us to get over heartbreak. It helps us express what we really want to say and it has the power to lift hearts and awaken our souls….

Steeven Shaw

Trying to express yourself is more powerful than trying to be the best.

Sara Sheridan

Once you’re on the pleasure express, it’s hard to get off and switch to another, slower service.

Michael Bassey Johnson

People will say,"there's heaven and hell", and they take it so serious that they look so sorrowful with penitence. I would rather ask them to show me the route that leads to heaven or hell.

Agatha Christie

At the small table, sitting very upright, was one of the ugliest old ladies he had ever seen. It was an ugliness of distinction - it fascinated rather than repelled.

Nityananda Das

It takes great courage to accept the constant changes of the emotions within ourselves, and even more audacity to express them whenever they occur and without filter or delay.

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