Male Beauty Quotes

Colleen Houck

A girl can still admire, can’t she? Even those who can’t afford to go in the store can still window-shop. Right? Knowing he wasn’t for me didn’t mean I couldn’t covet the merchandise.

William Shakespeare

The Devil hath power
To assume a pleasing shape.

Charlaine Harris

It was one of God's jokes that such a dumb mind had been put in such an eloquent body.

Graham Greene

But I'm a bad priest, you see. I know-from experience-how much beauty Satan carried down with him when he fell. Nobody ever said the fallen angels were the ugly ones. Oh, no, they were just as quick and light and . . .

Pietros Maneos

Isn't it enough to be middle-aged and impeccably beautiful? Why must one be economically useful?

Lisa Kleypas

Nature had squandered an unreasonable quantity of male beauty on this undeserving creature.

Sarah Addison Allen

There was an art to the male posterior. That's all there was to it.

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