Modern Society Quotes

Zoltan Istvan

The American Dream has become a death sentence of drudgery, consumerism, and fatalism: a garage sale where the best of the human spirit is bartered away for comfort, obedience and trinkets. It's unequivocally absurd.

Duško Radović

Mnogi organi društvene kontrole i zaštite liče na prevarene muževe. I oni poslednji saznaju oni što ih se najviše tiče.

Tiffany Madison

Most men claim to desire driven, independent and confident women. Yet when confronted with such a creature reverence often evolves into resent. For just like women, men need to be needed.

Jess C. Scott

Anya looked upon Nin admirably. Having him as a partner-in-crime - if only on this one occasion, which she hoped would only be the start of something more - was more revitalizing than the cheap thrills of a cookie-cutter shallow, superficial romance, where the top priority was how beautiful a person was on the outside.

Matthew Kelly

Superficiality is the curse of the modern world.

Saurabh Sharma

Using love as a bait and replacing respect with ego-pampering makes you a skillful social animal; unfortunately, all kinds of animals are less evolved than human beings. Would you like to evolve?

Erich Fromm

We are a society of notoriously unhappy people: lonely, anxious, depressed, destructive, dependent - people who are glad when we have killed the time we are trying so hard to save.

Amit Kalantri

Before this generation lose the wisdom, one advice - read books.

Anthon St. Maarten

Our physical world seems ready and able to accommodate the needs of the spiritually awakened new Superhuman. The constraints or demands of our material world are not the real problem; it is our own spiritual awareness and philosophical wisdom that is lagging behind.

Idries Shah

Saying of the Prophet
Whoever invades people´s privacy corrupts them.

Michael Chabon

People with Books. What, in 2007, could be more incongruous than that? It makes me want to laugh."


Amit Kalantri

This is what made the difference, they used social networking for entertainment and I used it for business.

Anthon St. Maarten

Constantly exposing yourself to popular culture and the mass media will ultimately shape your reality tunnel in ways that are not necessarily conducive to achieving your Soul Purpose and Life Calling. Modern society has generally ‘lost the plot’. Slavishly following its false gods and idols makes no sense in a spiritually aware life.

Tiffany Madison

The Internet is the Petri dish of humanity. We can't control what grows in it, but we don't have to watch either.

Sherry Turkle

We expect more from technology and less from each other.

Alexei Maxim Russell

People always knock what's new but I love the modern Internet, where cleverness is currency. Social media is a cleverness meritocracy. We're living in it.

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