Moon Quotes

Paulo Coelho

People give flowers as presents because flowers contain the true meaning of love. Anyone tries to
People give flowers as presents because flowers contain the true meaning of love. Anyone tries to possess a flower will have to watch its beauty fading. But if you simply look at a flower on a field, you will keep it forever, because the flower is part of the evening and the sunset and the smell of damp earth and the clouds on the horizon.

E.E. Cummings

Yours is the light by which my spirit's born: - you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.

William Shakespeare

Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly. then your love would also change..
Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly. then your love would also change.

Michael Bassey Johnson

I can cross the boundless ocean just to save you, I cannot eat or sleep without
I can cross the boundless ocean just to save you, I cannot eat or sleep without you, I can take you on a journey to heaven and show you to the angels. All these are fake and absurd promises; Be sincere, walk up to your lover and say, honestly, darling, i can only do the best i can for you.

Virginia Alison

Beneath the moons' shadowscape, wisdom, women, whiskey and you are a dangerous and provocative combination...

Anton Chekhov

Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.

Brian A. McBride

The sun does not abandon the moon to darkness.

D. Antoinette Foy

My heart's scripture tastes
foreign in the mouths of
cowards and on the tongues of
those who have never breathed in
the moon and breathed out the world.

Brian A. McBride

With every fall of the sun and rise of the moon, I can hear it. The Prophecy. It echoes through the halls of time. It is written on the surface of every star. Even the sun and moon cannot withhold the news of the second coming. I hear it. And I fear it.

Virginia Alison

Even the moon cannot escape your intoxicating charms...

Vera Nazarian

A long time ago people believed that the world is flat and the moon is made of green cheese. Some still do, to this day. The man on the moon is looking down and laughing.

Thomm Quackenbush

When I see the moon on a clear night, I do say "blessed be" and I remind myself to be grateful to the universe that I happen to exist in such a lovely and wondrous world, even and especially as I can rattle on about magma cooling, abiogenesis, and natural selection.

Neil Armstrong

That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind

Amit Kalantri

In presence of the Moon nobody sees stars.

Robert Fanney

May your feet ever walk in the light of two suns... and may the moonshadow never fall on you...

C. JoyBell C.

To buy a cake... to howl at the moon... to know true happiness... I am happy.

Dave Matthes

I never had a childhood. Not like the rest of them anyway. I had a starting
I never had a childhood. Not like the rest of them anyway. I had a starting point from which I have never stopped running.

Ernest Hemingway

The fish is my friend too...I have never seen or heard of such a fish. But I must kill him. I am glad we do not have to try to kill the stars. Imagine if each day a man must try to kill the moon, he thought. The moon runs away. But imagine if a man each day should have to try to kill the sun? We were born lucky; he thought

Kevin Dalton

The crickets still sing in October. And lilly, she's trying to bloom. Tho she's resting her head on the shoulder of death, she still shines by the light of the moon.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

In our village, folks say God crumbles up the old moon into stars.

Umar Ibn Muhammed Al-Nefzawi

He who called her so called her by her true name, for she is the full moon of full moons, afore God!

Vera Nazarian

When hope is fleeting, stop for a moment and visualize, in a sky of silver, the crescent of a lavender moon. Imagine it - delicate, slim, precise, like a paper-thin slice from a cabochon jewel.

It may not be very useful, but it is beautiful.

And sometimes it is enough.

Sandip Bantawa

Thinking beyond everthing
I raise myself
raise my head
just to see those
those hope in darkness...
Its moon in me...

Charlotte Eriksson

Well, at least this is what I told myself every day as I fell asleep with the fire still burning and the moon shining high up in the sky and my head spinning comforting from two bottles of wine, and I smiled with tears in my eyes because it was beautiful and so god damn sad and I did not know how to be one of those without the other.

Dave Matthes

Being crazy, for the rest of us, is a form of sanity.

Dave Matthes're either gonna spend your life fucking pussy, or taking it to church.. Dave Matthes're either gonna spend your life fucking pussy, or taking it to church.

Dave Matthes

Life will hack off your head and shit down your neck every chance it gets. I've found that consuming drugs and booze, listening to music and always having an excuse in the best way to tip the scales.

Dave Matthes

Let me ask you this: How many days do you have left, if any, in the life you promised for yourself yesterday?

Dave Matthes

So you mean to tell me you won't fuck anyone you don't share some kind of deep emotional connection with? What a sad, depressing, truly horrible life you must lead...

L.M. Montgomery

Aunt Elizabeth said, 'Do you expect to attend many balls, if I may ask?' and I
Aunt Elizabeth said, 'Do you expect to attend many balls, if I may ask?' and I said, 'Yes, when I am rich and famous.' and Aunt Elizabeth said, 'Yes, when the moon is made of green cheese.

Robert Frost

We ran as if to meet the moon.

Langston Hughes

Cheap little rhymes
A cheap little tune
Are sometimes as dangerous
As a sliver of the moon.

Charles Baudelaire

Il était tard; ainsi qu'une médaille neuve
La pleine lune s'étalait,
Et la solennité de la nuit, comme un fleuve
Sur Paris dormant ruisselait.

Joseph Campbell

With the moon walk, the religious myth that sustained these notions could no longer be held. With our view of earthrise, we could see that the earth and the heavens were no longer divided but that the earth is in the heavens. (105)

Carew Papritz

Let my memories of you be like water on the moon. A beautiful impossibility - but allowing me to sleep and dream of infinite beginnings rather than Othello endings.

Karen Quan

Do you ever think of me when you look up at the moon and the stars? When you look into the horizon as the sun sets? We're looking at the same sun, and the stars may burn brighter where you are, but I can't see them, and they're still there. I spend nights trying to see the stars that you see, but I end up seeing you in the stars instead.

Ray Bradbury

Time was a film run backward. Suns fled and ten million moons fled after them.

Nikki Rowe

I live by feeling, my intuition surfaces with the radiance of the moon; and the footing I take must be walked in truth.
this world is too dark to think of it any other way.

Wernher Von Braun

I'm convinced that before the year 2000 is over, the first child will have been born on the moon.

Thomas E. Woods Jr.

Thirty-five craters on the moon are named for Jesuit scientists and mathematicians.

Leonard Cohen

If I spelled out the Principles of Faith
I would be barking on the moon.

Arthur Machen

We both wondered whether these contradictions that one can't avoid if one begins to think of time and space may not really be proofs that the whole of life is a dream, and the moon and stars bits of nightmare.

Kelli Russell Agodon

the moon is just another kind of clock

Michaela Ruiz

I think that we were both the same star in the beginning of the universe and as the star exploded we drew apart. Our atoms merging into two different bodies, but over time our atoms found a way and found each other again.

Alberto Caeiro

I’m in no hurry: the sun and the moon aren’t, either.
Nobody goes faster than the legs they have.
If where I want to go is far away, I’m not there in an instant.

Alberto Caeiro

I’m in no hurry. What for?
The sun and moon aren’t in a hurry: they’re right.
Hurrying is believing people can get past their legs,
Or that, jumping, they can land past their shadow.
No; I don’t know how to hurry.

Margaret Atwood

Every month there is a moon, gigantic, round, heavy, an omen. IT transits, pauses, continues on and passes out of sight, and I see despair coming towards me like famine. To feel that empty, again, again. I listen to my heart, wave upon wave, salty and red, continuing on and on, marking time.

Visar Zhiti

The forest has shrunk
And fear has expanded,
The forests have dwindled,
There are less animals now,
less courage and less lightning,
less beauty
and the moon lies bare,
deflowered by force and
then abandoned.

Deepti Menon

The well padded astrologer stroked his corpulent belly, as he stared down intently at his cowrie board. There was a frown on his moon shaped face, a face that had always considered good rich food his birthright, even as he strove to read the cryptic messages that the Gods were strewing before him.

Galileo Galilei

It is a beautiful and delightful sight to behold the body of the Moon.

Munia Khan

You don’t need a sad soul
to feel the beauty of a dead grave
Just stay with the pale moon
when darkness wants the night to be brave

Munia Khan

The moon can never breathe, but it can take our breath away with the beauty of its cold, arid orb.

Haruki Murakami

I watched the moon alone, unable to share his cold beauty with anyone.

Lokesh Fouzdar

she has craters
but only a fool can deny her beauty.
She silently stare sun whole night
& reflects his light
his love with stars at times.

Daniel J. Rice

As the saturating colors of sun-life fade from sight, the ominous moon reaches out its long
As the saturating colors of sun-life fade from sight, the ominous moon reaches out its long arm and applies the dark dyes of night.

Matthew Arnold

The sea is calm tonight.
The tide is full, the moon lies fair
Upon the straits;- on the French coast the light
Gleams and is gone; the cliffs of England stand,
glimmering and vast, out in the tranquil bay.

Kassandra Cross

I want to take you under the moonlight.

Jack Kerouac

And all the insects ceased in honor of the moon.

Téa Obreht

...a hazy yellow moon was climbing along the curve of the old basilica on the hill. As it rose, it seemed to be gathering the silence up around it like a net.

Daniel Wallock

The moon rested right above the mountains, a place I call home.

James Hilton

Then the whole range, much nearer now, paled into fresh splendor; a full moon rose, touching each peak in succession like some celestial lamplighter, until the long horizon glittered against a blue-black sky.

H.G. Wells

The peaceful splendour of the night healed again. The moon was now past the meridian and travelling down the west. It was at its full, and very bright, riding through the empty blue sky.

Shannon A. Thompson

The dark, twisting clouds that had settled over Vendona’s streets seemed to open up and glide past the winking moon. The wind moaned slowly as it died while the trees began dancing with a melody only known to nature. The city became alive, and time raced forward as the sky warmed slightly. It was no longer snowing.

Robert Fanney

A song she heard
Of cold that gathers
Like winter's tongue
Among the shadows
It rose like blackness
In the sky
That on volcano's
Vomit rise
A Stone of ruin
From burn to chill
Like black moonrise
Her voice fell still...

Richard Due

Some people are just sad when there aren't talking squirrels.” - Lily Winter

Richard Due

Odd names: Winter, Autumn - they almost sound as if someone just made them up.” - Dubb

Richard Due

Tavin cupped his hands to his mouth. “Here, dragon-dragon-dragon!” he yelled.
Lily stared in amazement. Well, that was bold, she thought, and stupid.

Richard Due

You won't find the tales I bear in any books . . . My tales are from the Moon Realm.” - Ebb Autumn

Richard Due

But - " yelped Twizbang, “Greydor will eat us!

William O'Brien

Many years ago, plunging was discovered when the moon was in two halves- it's all about dreams, you see


My Beloved

Know that my beloved in hidden from everyone
Know that she is beyond the belief of all beliefs
Know that in my heart she is as clear as the moon
Know that she is the life in my body and in my soul

Tammy L. Kubasko

Creativity is in the heart of the dreamer.

Eric Samuel Timm

Protect the ears of your heart, rather than being drawn in each day like the fading tides that dance daily with the moon.

Dejan Stojanovic

Neruda had his first dream,
First meeting with the Moon and the Sun
In sunny La Mancha, hiding in his heart,
Where he learned how to sing like a nightingale.

Phindiwe Nkosi

This book attempts to
record a journey to restoration that applies to ordinary people like you and I. It is a shot towards healing. A step headed for a new consciousness. It emerges from a moment in time where all seems lost.

Tony Samara

The natural consequence of being connected to the depth, what I call the soul, or your essence, is the attribute of joy.

Tony Samara

Where ego comes in, loving kindness departs. So wherever there is ego, there is very little space for true bliss and true happiness because true bliss and true happiness isn't exclusive to the attachments the ego enjoys playing with, but rather a free state of mind that is part of loving kindness and its activities inside and outside of oneself.

Tony Samara

Everything is temporary but the power of Love is Infinite because it is the space, it is Everything.

Tony Samara

The way to Bliss is through Understanding, through Wisdom.

Tony Samara

Trust what is not known to your Mind.
Trust what is known to your Heart.

Tony Samara

The Beloved is Always There, Actively Seeking You.

Tony Samara

When we understand that Peace is a state of mind we understand true Peace.

Tony Samara

Wisdom is a true activity of compassion. And so, meditation is the act of loving kindness. It is the activity where loving kindness is applied on all levels.

Tony Samara

Remember meditation is an active, deep remembrance, and that is discernment. Wherever you go, wherever you are, whatever you're doing, remember to utilize discernment so that you can hear and sense and feel the vibration of love rather than the vibration of illusion.

Tony Samara

Spiritual practice is allowing the temple (your body) to be full of light and to live life as a total celebration.

Tony Samara

The Divine has created this moment in time. It is a very powerful moment, where there is only one way and that way is that you completely let go. Completely let go of what is known, what is safe, and move into the space of beauty.

Tony Samara

Satisfaction doesn't come from needs and desires or fulfilling them, it comes from being yourself, being true.

Tony Samara

The activity of loving kindness is the bridge that allows you to slowly, slowly realise the wisdom and perfection of this moment.

Tony Samara

The practice is simple. Whatever you're doing, do that with total awareness.

Tony Samara

As you embrace Consciousness, you embrace Perfection.

Tony Samara

When you deeply love someone from that space that is beyond attachment to certain projections or desires, when you love someone just deeply, totally, completely, without any games that the mind or emotions play, then that love remains eternal in the heavens forever, and that is what pulls you back to remembering that love.

Azin Sametipour

Mahtab looked out of the window at the moon clearing the rooftops, bathing everything around in its silver light. She sighed, envying Nasim's freedom. For just like Mahtab's namesake, as the moonlight was beholden to the sun, she was beholden to her family.

Miguel El Portugués

For you, a comet, under a blue sky, leaves trail of color,
For you, a star, dreams of being able to kiss you, dream to hear your voice
For you, full moon, keep vigil for you, my girl, keep vigil for you, my love.

Virginia Alison

She blows kisses to the one who danced through her dreams and leaves a trail of moon dust on her heart...

J.D. Stroube

Once I embraced the dreams that once inspired. Now I've found that there is too much I didn't recognize as a gift. I may be too late to see, cherish, and endure. I may never change, but be forever stuck in the past without realizing until my eyes open to the sun and I have forgotten the moon.

Jerril Thomas Abraham

Fail as fast as you can as much as you can and then you will know what Success is.

Giles Andreae

So imagine that the lovely moon is playing just for you - everything makes music if you really want it to.

Paul Auster

All children are love children, he said, but only the best ones are ever called that.

Mary Ann Shaffer

Yesterday, Amelia and Kit came over for supper, and we took a blanket down to the beach afterward to watch the moon rise. Kit loves to do that, but she always falls asleep before it is fully rise, and I carry her home to Amelia's house. She is certain she'll be able to stay awake all night as soon as she's five.

Michael Bassey Johnson

If you can be heartless as the first man who visited the space, then there will be nothing impossibe for you to achieve.

Unknown Author

The sun sees your body, the moon sees your soul.

Dejan Stojanovic

There is a moonlight note in the Moonlight Sonata; there is a thunder note in an angry sky.

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