Bazil Patel Quotes

Bazil Patel Quotes

Two things u just can't control life and virginity ❤ ❤

The way you wor life works for you

A bunch of liars broke my heart and I decided never to fall in love again❤ ❤

You never meet real people they are just wrapped in blankets of fakeness❤ ❤

So many faces so many smiles and I am lost in all off them❤ ❤

The whole point is who gets crazier, life or you❤ ❤

Your life should be terrific it should amaze the world❤ ❤

nobody would know your story unless you survive❤ ❤

I have a bad reputation because I play evil from the outside but if you get closer I hide heaven inside me❤ ❤

Don't be a prisoner of the society go crazy be different let your stars shine throughout ❤ ❤

The most magical thing I have come across is a beautiful face with a beautiful heart
The most magical thing I have come across is a beautiful face with a beautiful heart and it's you❤ ❤

I avoid relationships because they get noisy after a while❤

Girls are like birds they fly with you but nest elsewhere

From all the roses I have smelled she was the rosiest

God forbid me for flying with so many and nesting with none

The song in me for you is forever musical

Books motivate me words inspire me but humans make me face realty

If you can imagine it you can surely create it

More woman,More cry!

Reading not only soothes your soul but takes you through a garden of imagination

My heart has become a amazon of dark secrets ❤

Its a pain to see a beautiful woman dressed so ugly!

I don't believe in Borders I go wherever it's green

Don't just breathe start living

What loves you changes you!

A change in you can change the world for you

There is only one race!Thats life

If you give up people run over you if you don't you run over people

The choice is yours!

Like yourself " nothing can motivate you more

The only place i like to be is Money,
Wherever it is!

Falling in love is like suicide and if you are not in love you feel dead

If you can't make millions make some love for sure

Nobody knows God if he does He is God

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