Brandi L. Bates Quotes

Brandi L. Bates Quotes

When the door to my writing chamber gasps shut and the almost imperceptible sigh of a rose petal falls on my desk, I know that my muse is present.

Some books must be sipped slowly like a strong bourbon. Most books must be devoured more than once because as you age you distill more.

A writer will divine a metaphor from a pattern on a dress, or a gesture, because sunsets have been done before.

Most people don't have real friends. You have people in your life waiting for opportunities to see what YOU can do for them.

Wrote my way out of the hood...thought my way out of poverty! Don't tell me that knowledge isn't power. Education changes everything.

In order to grow, I promise you'll have to let go of some habits. 10 times out of 10, they'll be the habits you're most in love with.

All those other girls are cake...I'm Crème brûlée...Tiramisu, if you will. Just a few notches above.

I will Basquiat the canvas of your body like a Broadway Junction wall…and Gordon Parks you for those dark midnights when your scent fades.

You and those shot-glass eyes, deep swirling pools of 80-proof firewater, with the depth and profundity of Saturn’s spinning pulsars…

Never accept yourself as a finished product. Be a finished product when you die. As long as you have breath in your lungs, expand yourself.

Some roses grow through concrete. Remember that.

Sometimes I think the Most High believes I can shoulder the weight of 1000 stars.

Every morning I look in the mirror and remind myself: "No one owes you sh*t!" In this way, I am never disappointed. Never placing blame.

Fruit falls when you shake the tree. You have to keep making things happen.

Unapologetically smitten with thunderstorms...the thought of rough sex beneath an acid washed moon and hydrated stars...

Lowkey punchdrunk off this Sangria-sweet love and all it’s prodigious trappings…

Give me Pablo Neruda, picnic beneath a full moon & iridescent stars, black olives, cherries, dark things, canoe on a river...that's romance.

Your skin reminds me of everything beautiful I've ever loved...
how the moon gets jealous at how you mock her crescent figure with the shape of your mouth...
echo of unborn galaxies bounce forth through your vocal chords...

can't even sleep through the night without you and those sun-dried ginger ale complected limbs crocheted into my thighs...

thighs made of hymns, I read 'em like I'm reading runes. Now tell me where my future lies...your neck, can I Savion on it?

I would tell my 14 year old self to never ever, ever put all of your money in one bank account. And love the ones who love you back. You're going to want to quit...DON'T! Oh, and get everything in writing.

Pain speaks louder than words ever could. Like most things it serves as both messenger and a symbol.

The greatest minds are like film, they take the negatives and develop themselves in darkness...

You settle for less, you get less.

Drama does not just walk into our lives. Either we create it, invite it, or associate with it.

When my son speaks of playing sports, I've always told him: playing on the team is great, but aspire to be the guy who owns the team. I've always told my son: most of the guys on the team will end up bankrupt with bum knees, but not the guy who owns that franchise.

Be selective in your battles...

Everyone's life changes when they meet their Obi-Wan & their Yoda, or their Morpheus & their Oracle; those who help remove the veil.

Sometimes transitional periods in life leave you feeling like a great big jumble of loose, split ends.

Remember to remember: sometimes your adversary is your biggest asset. Where would David be without Goliath? Jesus without Judas?

His ruby red rimmed moist eyes were two glasses of cranberry. He wore a cashmere sweater the color of Earl Grey tea...

Like caterpillars our metamorphosis begins with what comes from our mouth. Caterpillars spin silk cocoons from the mouth. We speak life or death, success or failure. All transformation starts with what comes from our mouth.

Understand: I don't ever want to be equal to any other being. I always want to be all things, in all circumstances.

No one is born with equality. We all come here with varying degrees of opportunities, qualities, strengths, weaknesses, IQ, etc.

The reason why many people remain on the bottom is because they play to 'not lose', as opposed to playing to win at all costs.

But believe it or not, I really do like to read. I don't think anyone can ever pull the wool over your eyes if you stay prayed up and read. Frederick Douglass said that no man can be a slave if he has knowledge.

Although this man spoke pure fluent ghetto, she liked his spirit. She could tell he was attracted to her, and that he was being ever careful with his words.

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