Brandon Mull Quotes

Brandon Mull Quotes

My father once admonished me to master the laws that govern fine writing until I could weave my words into worlds. If ever I accomplish that feat, I will sign my name to the tale.

Can you see the power emotion has to distort out outlook? Makes you wonder, did you have a bad day, or did you make it a bad day?

Rachel opened her mouth to respond, but the head cut her off.

It's easy to make up weird stuff. It gets trickier when you want the weird stuff to be interesting and make sense.

FABLEHAVEN: None who enter will leave unchanged. Trespassers will be turned to stone.

When jumping is the sole option, you jump, and try to make it work.

Excruciating agony makes me cranky.

A crossbow?” Pigeon asked.
I left my battle-ax in my other jeans,” the man said.

I like pancakes.

Could you just call me Pigeon?” he asked the teacher when she read his name.
“Does your mother call you Pigeon?”
“Then to me you are Paul.”
“Nathan Sutter,” the teacher read.
“My mother never calls me Nathan.”
“Is it Nate?”
“She calls me Honeylips.

Are you her boyfriend?”
No, I’m her fiancé.” Nate said.
We’ve been promised to each other since birth,” Summer added.
Our wedding isn’t until March.

It was one thing to snuggle a little when the world seemed about to end, and quite another to explain to her parents that she wanted to date an ancient magical horse.

What'll you do if you can't find a way to cure him?" Seth asked.
Dale paused. "I'll never know that day has come, because I'll never stop trying.

I will not know that day has come because I will not stop trying.

A lie twice believed is self decieved

He would have shaved the centaurs, dipped them in honey, covered them with feathers, and hung them up like a bunch of pinatas. I'm just saying." - Warren

Adamant," Doren said proudly, handing over the shield. "We fished it out of the tar pit where we found the shirt of mail."

"Probably all belonged to the same careless adventurer," Newel speculated. "Too much money, not enough talent.

An unread book does nobody any good. Stories happen in the mind of a reader, not among symbols printed on a page.

Not a wall in the building lacked books. Books even occupied the space above doorways.

She shall be my queen, and I her most ardent admirer and protector. A new standard of love shall be established for the ages. Time will clarify my devotion! On this I would gladly stake my very soul!

Fablehaven's awesome!!so is the candy shop war!

Fantasy leaves imaginations larger than it finds them.

We must set aside our wishes and give heed to reality. Nobody can accept the truth while hiding from it. When a decision matters, we have to stare at the truth unflinchingly. Only then can we find peace in our choices.

In some ways, it's easier to recognize your power when you're calm and untroubled than when you're distressed. Search out your talent in quiet moments. Don't push too hard. You've done it once. You can do it again.

Learn to recognize power in others. Become more conscious of your own power. It's there.

...even misplaced faith can help us gain knowledge. We try to be smart about where we put our faith and we adjust as we learn more.

Everyone should get to clobber a princess at least once," Jason said.

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