Cherise Sinclair Quotes

Cherise Sinclair Quotes

Gabi to Marcus "I can't believe out of one hundred thousand sperm, you were the fastest!

Whatever demon invented stiletto-heeled boots should roast in hell...

Am I your dom, little rabbit?”
“Yes.” Her red-brown brows drew together. “What’s wrong?”
“Not a thing.” He gave her a faint smile, and his gravelly voice deepened. “I thought I’d tell you we’re getting married next month.”
~Nolan and Beth~

Have you gone crazy?"
"Have you gone crazy, Master.

I’m a firm believer in equality at all times - ”
“At all times?” She glanced at the cuffs clipped to his leathers. “Why do I find that hard to believe?” And why the heck was she arguing with him. Mine, mine, mine.
“At all times,” he repeated. “However, in the bedroom or in the club, I am a lot more equal than you.

You spanked me,” she told him.
“I did.” He lifted her shoulders high enough to push a wedge pillow under the pad. “And I enjoyed it very much. You have a very spankable ass, no?

She rubbed her cheek on his chest like a sleepy cat. “I like when you hold me.”
Dios, she was going to break his heart. “I like when I hold you too.

That’s an awful lot of littles, don’t you think?”
“Perhaps.” He displayed his hand. “Big.” He set hers next to his, so small and delicate contrasted with his thick, blunt fingers. Why did holding her fragile hand raise every protective instinct he had?

Slut. I’m a dirty-
The sound of a hand hitting flesh was simultaneous with the shocking sting on her bottom. “Ow!”
“You don’t think those nasty thoughts about my sumisita, Kimberly.

She was so light; he could hold her all night without a problem.

You're very lovely, gatita."
Her brows pulled together, and she gave him a skeptical stare.
"Do not look at your master as if he's an idiot.

You’re so damn big,” she whispered.
“Why, thank you cariño,” he said.

He liked to touch, she realized. In bed, he kept his arms around her or a hand on her like now. The way he played with her breasts, or just touched her, or ran his hands over her body, made her feel beautiful, Desirable.

the only thing men are fast at is sex.

Gabi glared. "If you want to add some variety to your sex life, why don't you just use your other hand?

Thus, she had learned a romance book was fiction. A hero who truly cared for the heroine was called a fantasy.

You see, when you're excited, your body has trouble telling the difference between pain and pleasure.

It's a girl thing, trying to change ourselves as if we can change our lives too.

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