Darnell Lamont Walker Quotes

Darnell Lamont Walker Quotes

Who told these people with dreams, goals and ambitions they could take time off?

I wish I didn’t need words to speak to her. They sometimes hold very different meanings for us both.

With tact, exit from the world I’ve created, and we never have to speak of those good times again.

What you don't think about when you're planning for children is when you're going to teach them how not to be killed

Sometimes our walls exist just to see who has the strength to knock
them down.

She said before i could touch her walls I'd have to touch her heart. so i did.

How long should two people wait for sex? Until there is no other option when looking at one another.

The heart will stretch a short love into long memories.

Why not fall in love with an artist? Otherwise there are no letters, pictures, paintings and songs for you when you wake up.

I say fuck marriage, but we can do it for these westerners and explain it to the gods later.

If you weren't built for this life, you'd be dead by now. i think the problem is people don't share enough of their pain with the world, so they never know who else is in pain, too, and what others are going through. we're never really alone in anything.

The light is supposed to enter through your breaks, wounds, and cracks.

Everyone gets broken. Everyone. Some grow stronger in those breaks. Others never recover.

The hate people hold on to for so long is what keeps them from feeling the pain they're most afraid of. deal with it. grow.

What their scorned, over-fucked mothers never teach them is this: men can be hurt, too.

And like that, I said goodbye to my grandmother like we were two people who met in a coffee shop, shared a lifetime of stories and left wanting more, but knowing we’d meet there again.

What if "redemption" means not only freeing yourself from what you've done, but also from what's been done to you?

I enabled your tendency to be vulnerable and weak, and your habits of crying when 6,000 others were present for the music.

Try evolving as much as you cry.

The walls around the hood keep the people on the inside from the changes on the outside.

There’s a small window of opportunity to apologize sometimes after you’ve terribly wronged someone. It closes. Sometimes forever, but it never opens wide enough again for a good breeze.

Children teach us how to chase without overrunning.

You will either profit by or pay for what your children become. raise them properly.

We are not sure what we will become, only what we want to and don’t want to. We often become what we never thought we could, then we become fine with that.

Too bad children don't know how profound their thoughts are.

Communities that can't read and translate what the powers are putting out will always be tricked.

Waking up in a room with no natural light does something to a man. no windows. I’m almost afraid to die. I fear my soul won’t make it out.

as an artist, one of the toughest things to do is getting someone to understand why you think the way you think. And as much as i don't wanna care what they think about my thinking, it comes down to making them understand or watching them leave.

I hate being a writer. i tend to stick my emotions in things that cannot reciprocate. I've become a whore for my craft.

adulthood is depressing. for me at least. i cried at the death of every illusion harder than i cried at the death of friends.

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