Dianna Hardy Quotes

Dianna Hardy Quotes

A bond between souls is ancient - older than the planet.

We must be careful with our words – we’re like superheroes and words are like our super powers. Super powers should always be used to help others…

Half naked, he drank her in with his eyes, imprinting this moment into his mind. This, he would take to his death – the woman that stirred him to life.

You ever had a hickey? I want to give you a hickey."
"Karl, we're not fourteen!"
"Don't bloody care. I was in love with you when I was fourteen - your neck owes me a hickey."

(Karl & Elena)

At the sound of my name, those two worlds on either side of me collide, and my lips meet his. Time ceases to exist, and so, apparently does any logic that my mind is hanging on to. Logic would say that this is insane; every other fibre of my being says it's right.

Hope – or perhaps delusion – was a flame that had stayed lit, even though its scorching light would hurt. It had refused to go out.

The thought of talking about it made Pueblo's gut ache, but then he thought of everything that Amy had been through – not that she'd told him her version yet. She had balls of steel, he thought with a smile. And what did he have? Three pairs of loin cloths going crisp on the radiator.

The one thing you should never do to a woman, whether you make love to her or fuck her, is apologise straight after.

He could have watched her all night. He could watch her for an eternity and still never be able to capture the essence of what it is that makes ‘love’.

Love finds you, not the other way around, and you can’t run from it.

She waited for him with shallow breaths, head thrown back, eyes half closed, completely exposed in her trust of him, and it unravelled the last thread holding him together.

I’m only saying what you won’t. He’s a hunk, admit it. A tall, dark, exotic hunk who wants to bed you, and you must be a fucking nun, because it’s been three weeks since you met him and you’re going to have to remove the cobwebs from your vagina with forceps soon, they’re growing into intelligent life form -

And then there was Lydia.

Lydia who had hurtled into his life – into their lives – with hair like fire, eyes like amethysts and a fuck-me scent so palpable that he’d betrayed the only woman he’d ever loved.

To submit isn’t to be forced. It’s to yield to a force greater than your own, in order to become part of the whole.

Maybe I should be still; accept my fate. But I have tasted freedom, known love – I have had choice and learnt what it is to have a human heart, not just a compliant one.

She smiled into his mouth. “That was … wow.”

“It's always wow. You're wow. I'll never get enough of you, Lydia. Not after ten years in dreams; not after forever in real life.

If you're waiting for me to declare my undying love for you, I can't do that yet, blood-bond or no blood-bond. If you think I'm the swoony type of heroine you find in romance novels, who'll fall into your arms just because you saved me from an alternate reality or whatever, get ready to leave empty handed, because I don't want to be caught.

Til death do us part....

The words wrap around my mind like soft, silk binds, and I cherish the imagery. Eternity can only be with this man – there will never be another who knows me so well.

How we take it for granted – those trivial conversations; those mundane moments that we think hold no meaning. We never realise how much we rely on the ordinariness of everyday life. When love is gone – when our entire world is gone – only then do we understand those moments are what we live for.

One of the greatest lies ever told is that there’s no power in vulnerability.

One thing I’ve learnt about humans: you can’t judge their strength by the size of their actions, but by the devotion of an act, no matter how small.

Everything that matters hurts, until it doesn't matter anymore.

The universe is made up of courses of action we have no say in, but we have a say in who we are, and in those choices we make inside, even if outside, those choices seem impossible.

You're not allowed to have legs and not use them.

It may be our actions that define us, but it is our reaction that changes the course of things.

The hugest changes were the ones that could not be seen – that’s where the real apocalypse lay: in people’s hearts, their souls, their beings.

I loved you instantly, because angels can love instantly.

He thought he’d lived through everything. Only now did he realise he’d merely existed.

We all have a sea inside us; can you hear it? Can you hear the ocean roaring?

As if reading her mind, he leaned into her again, pupils dark, irises glowing like a forest caught in the last rays of sun before dusk… “Do you want me to make you come?”

“Is that a trick question?

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