E.L. James Quotes

E.L. James Quotes

You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince

I glance down his body. He's still wearing his shorts and his shirt, and I still have my T-shirt on. Jeez- talk about wham, bam, thank you ma'am.

I think you can only be truly mad at someone you really love.

Christian, you are the state lottery, the cure for cancer, and the three wishes from Aladdin's lamp all rolled into one

I want my world to start and end with you.

I've never wanted more, until I met you.

And now my past and my future are colliding in a way I never thought possible.

Sometimes I wonder if there's something wrong with me. Perhaps I've spent too long in the company of my literary romantic heroes, and consequently my ideals and expectations are far too high.

You wanted hearts and flowers,” he murmurs.
I blink at him, not quite believing what I’m seeing.
“You have my heart.” And he waves toward the room.
“And here are the flowers,” I whisper, completing his sentence. “Christian, it’s lovely.

Don't get your panties in such a twist... and give me back mine.

Of course. Silly me. Such a sad, exciting score, which no doubt you can play? So many accomplishments, Mr. Grey.”
“And the greatest one is you, Miss Steele.

He tastes of white wine and apple pie and Christian. I run my fingers through his hair, holding him to me while our tongues explore and curl and twist around each other, my blood heating in my veins.We're breathless when Christian pulls away.

Weirdly, all the wood, dark walls, moody lighting, and oxblood leather makes the room kind of soft and romantic … I know it’s anything but; this is Christian’s version of soft and romantic.

You've brushed your teeth," He says, staring at me.
"I used your toothbrush."
His lips quirk up in a half smile. "Oh Anastasia Steele, what am I going to do with you?

Darling, you know what they say. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.”

I give her a lopsided, bittersweet smile.

“I think I’ve kissed a prince, Mom. I hope he doesn’t turn into a frog.

You see, most of your fear is in your head, Anastasia.

So you've just slept with him, given him your virginity, a man who doesn't love you. In fact, he has odd ideas about you, wants to make you some sort of kinky sex slave.

Having the thought of you being with someone else is like a knife twisting in my dark soul

Significa che voglio che accetti di abbandonarti spontaneamente a me, in tutto.

Ti voglio da impazzire, soprattutto adesso, che ti mordi di nuovo il labbro.

- Io non sono un tipo da cuori e fiori, non ho niente di romantico, ho gusti molto particolari. Dovresti stare alla larga da me.
Ma in te, in te c’è qualcosa, per cui non riesco a starti lontano. Immagino che tu lo abbia capito.
- Allora non farlo.

Mi guardo allo specchio: un fantasma stravolto. Mi lego i capelli e ignoro le borse che mi sono venute sotto gli occhi a forza di piangere. Non riesco a credere che il mondo mi stia crollando addosso, che tutte le mie speranze e i miei sogni vadano in pezzi. No, no, non pensarci. Non adesso, non ancora.

I've never had vanilla sex before. There's a lot to be said for it. But then, maybe it's because it's with you.

You are so precious to me, Ana. I was serious about marrying you. We can get to know each other then. I can look after you. You can look after me. We can have kids if you want. I will lay my world at your feet, Anastasia. I want you, body and soul, forever. Please think about it.

I cannot be with someone who takes pleasure in inflicting pain on me, someone who can’t love me.

I am crying over the loss of something I never had. How ridiculous. Mourning something that never was – my dashed hopes, dashed dreams, and my soured expectations.

It's much easier to wear your pain on the outside...

Love is for fools, Christian.

It's very hard to grow up in a perfect family when you're not perfect.

I shake my head at his largesse, and I frown as a scene from Tess crosses my mind: the strawberry scene. It evokes my dream. To hell with Dr. Flynn - Freud would have a field day - and then he’d probably die trying to deal with Fifty Shades.

I'll never flourish with your incessant interference. I need some freedom.

If he touches me, I will succumb. I know the power he wields over me and my traitorous body. I know.

I don't want anything to happen to you. You being hurt...that thought fills me with dread. I can't promise not to interfere, not if I think you'll come to harm." He pauses and takes a deep breath. "I love you, Anastasia. I will do everything in my power to protect you. I cann't imagine my life without you.

I hug him tightly. “I can’t imagine my life without you, Christian. I love you so much it frightens me.” “Me, too,” he breathes. “My life would be empty without you. I love you so much.

Coveralls," I reply, and I know I'm no longer screening what's coming out of my mouth.
He raises a eyebrow, amused yet again.
"You wouldn't want to ruin your clothing." I gesture vaguely in the direction of his jeans.
"I could always take them off." He smirks.

You're not celibate, then?" I breathe.
Amusement lights up his eyes.
"No, Anastasia, I'm not celibate.

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