Erica Goros Quotes

Erica Goros Quotes

Just give me a thousand words and you may make your own pictures.

Much of the Kama Sutra is like origami; I don’t quite understand all the bending that needs to happen.

I am forever grateful for not knowing - What would have been. WHAT WILL BE holds none of those bittersweet pangs and it is lit w joy.

Never mourn the loss of innocence, because it always brings the much greater gain of wisdom.

Emotions are like muscles. Most of them go highly unattended, it's usually the weaker, undefined ones that cause injury to the rest, and there is most certainly memory response in play.

The heart of a person only beats when it's surrounded by blood, by family.

If your blade were as sharp as your tongue, you'd have sliced my through years ago.

Fear is just like mist. Don’t let it disorient you from living outside God's palm. Acknowledge it, then take any one step in any one direction... and repeat.

Attraction is easily manufactured.

Thank God I have seen an orange sky with purple clouds. How easy it is to forget that we have the privilege of living in God's art gallery.

Unfortunately we treat others as we treat ourselves. We should try being genuinely kind to ourselves and the rest will come naturally, like a Platinum Rule.

I'm of the age and immaturity level that I cannot give you my respect solely because you are older or ranked higher on an imaginary totem pole. I give you my respect because of your actions.

The key to happiness is to listen to campy Parisian music and smile at a bird. It hinges on insanity, but it works.

Love is seeking the good and being the good.

Sometimes I feel like one of those sliding tile puzzles. I just get so dang close to what I want to see in the mirror and who I want to be... but then I have to completely jumble up the pieces to try to get even closer.

I spend a lot of time looking up.

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