F.T. McKinstry Quotes

F.T. McKinstry Quotes

If you are in doubt about what's balanced, look to the natural world. Animals know the right paths.

The forces of the sea give rise to imagination, which reflects them according to the nature and disposition of the perceiver. The sea itself is undifferentiated and without bias.

Love is whole. Love cannot be divided from itself. Love knows all paths, where even gods and cats are blind.

Wizard is as wizard does.

Gardens are made of darkness and light entwined.

The light from his torch painted the barren forest in shades of his own reflection, black-haired, gray-eyed and pale for want of a touch. He pulled his cloak close, unable to determine which made him more uncomfortable: the dreary woods or the new moon settling onto his heart like a cloud of moths.

Master of magic, god of war, Odin wanders alone.

So much simpler, to kill for gold. It did not matter what anyone thought about that. The only rules he abided were those of the Old One, and she cared nothing for war beyond forcing mortals to consider the price of it.

The older a wizard grows, the more silent he becomes, like a woody vine growing over time to choke a garden path, deep and full of moss and snakes, running everywhere, impenetrable.

She held out her hands, cupped and holding a small plant.
'The power to heal is the power to destroy,' she said with the faintest smile.

In the calm, deep waters of the mind, the wolf waits.

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