Balance Quotes

Tony DeLiso

Keep your best wishes, close to your heart and watch what happens. Tony DeLiso
Keep your best wishes, close to your heart and watch what happens

Tony DeLiso

Happiness is part of who we are. Joy is the feeling. Tony DeLiso
Happiness is part of who we are. Joy is the feeling

Wendy Wasserstein

The trick. . .is to find the balance between the bright colors of humor and the serious issues of identity, self-loathing, and the possibility for intimacy and love when it seems no longer possible or, sadder yet, no longer necessary.

Ellen DeGeneres

My point is, life is about balance. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows. The pina and the colada.

Deepak Chopra

Mathematics expresses values that reflect the cosmos, including orderliness, balance, harmony, logic, and abstract beauty.

Alain De Botton

There is no such thing as work-life balance. Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life.

Katerina Stoykova Klemer

Writing is not a matter of time, but a matter or of space. If you don't keep space in your head for writing, you won't write even if you have the time.

Simona Panova

Oh, he did look like a deity – the perfect balance of danger and charm, he was at the same time fascinating and inaccessible, distant because of his demonstrated flawlessness, and possessing such strength of character that he was dismaying and at the same time utterly attractive in an enticing and forbidden way.

Elaine Scarry

How one walks through the world, the endless small adjustments of balance, is affected by the shifting weights of beautiful things.

Philip Green

It's all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.

Anthony Liccione

When something seems unbalanced and out of rhythm, just a song can tune things up in
When something seems unbalanced and out of rhythm, just a song can tune things up in a moment. The power of music is therapy.

Dee Dee Artner

Love is an inspiration. It moves you. It motivates you. It keeps you going.

Angie Karan Krezos

An affirmation a day, keeps our negative thoughts away! Affirmations are our mental vitamins - words with power. They provide the exquisite supplementary positive thoughts to enhance and balance the barrage of negative events and thoughts we experience daily. Affirmations affirm our soul and empower our mind in a most positive and tangible way.

Bronnie Ware

Don’t work too hard. Try to maintain balance. Don’t make work your whole life.

Janice Marturano

There is no work-life balance. We have one life. What's most important is that you be awake for it.

Terry Pratchett

The universe, they say, depended for its operation on the balance of four forces which they identified as charm, persuasion, uncertainty, and bloody-mindedness.

Psyche Roxas-Mendoza

Beware! Balance rules the cosmos. It is not concerned with good or bad. You can be struck by misfortune and be buried in grief if that is what it takes to restore the imbalance you have wrought unto the world.

Sarah Dessen

I realized how truly hard it was, really, to see someone you love change right before
I realized how truly hard it was, really, to see someone you love change right before your eyes. Not only is it scary, it throws your balance off as well.

Sarah Dessen

It's not that I believe everything happens for a reason. It's just that... I just think that some things are meant to be broken. Imperfect. Chaotic. It's the universe's way of providing contrast, you know? There have to be a few holes in the road. It's how life is.

Haruki Murakami

Everything has boundaries. The same holds true with thought. You shouldn't fear boundaries, but you should not be afraid of destroying them. That's what is most important if you want to be free: respect for and exasperation with boundaries.

Thomas à Kempis

Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be.

Gordon B. Hinckley

The major work of the world is not done by geniuses. It is done by ordinary people, with balance in their lives, who have learned to work in an extraordinary manner.

Olen Steinhauer

Without balance, a life is no longer worth the effort.

E.L. Doctorow

Satire's nature is to be one-sided, contemptuous of ambiguity, and so unfairly selective as to find in the purity of ridicule an inarguable moral truth.

K.P. Yohannan

Every truth in this world stretched beyond its limits will become a false doctrine.


The best of humanity's recorded history is a creative balance between horrors endured and victories achieved, and so it was during the Harlem Renaissance.

Jostein Gaarder

Health is the natural condition. When sickness occurs, it is a sign that Nature has gone off course because of a physical or mental imbalance. The road to health for everyone is through moderation, harmony, and a 'sound mind in a sound body'.

Gautama Buddha

He has no need for faith who knows the uncreated, who has cut off rebirth, who has destroyed any opportunity for good or evil, and cast away all desire. He is indeed the ultimate man.

Rob Liano

When you have passion, you don't need coffee.

Margaret Atwood

Our heaven is their hell, said God. I like a balanced universe.

Rohinton Mistry

You see, we cannot draw lines and compartments and refuse to budge beyond them. Sometimes you have to use your failures as stepping-stones to success. You have to maintain a fine balance between hope and despair.' He paused, considering what he had just said. 'Yes', he repeated. 'In the end, it's all a question of balance.

Ursula K. Le Guin

To light a candle is to cast a shadow...

Cindy Ann Peterson

A key to the art of conversation is learning how to be an effective and active listener.

Deshwal Sachin

Trust means there is no question.
If there is no question then no need for any answer,which means complete balance.
Always keep in your mind trust is the base for any kind of relationship.

Jay Woodman

Dance your Soulful path / and you shall know the magic / of your mind & heart / and all the beauty laughing / to fill your rising self.

Gregory Peck

Faith gives you an inner strength and a sense of balance and perspective in life.

Julien Smith

Success works as a cycle - growth and contraction, balancing and unbalancing - all while you're encountering hurdles that get higher and higher over time.


A positive needs a negative to complete its cycle, as the Moon needs an embodiment of itself, the Sun, to complete the cycle of its illusory essence, the Earth. Now if the earth is in dire straits, is bombing the moon to discover whether water is ‘perceived’ in the natural stance of humans an intelligent move?

Dean Koontz

Once, there were no predators, no prey. Only harmony. There were no quakes, no storms, everything in balance. In the beginning, time was all at once and forever - no past, present, and future, no death. We broke it all.

Sara Sheridan

I'm not sure how much easier it is for a mother to balance her life now - have we simply swapped one set of restrictions for another?

Terry Pratchett

His voice gave out and he made several wavy motions with his hand, indicative of the shape of a woman who would probably be unable to keep her balance.

Dejan Stojanovic

There is something perfect to be found in the imperfect: the law keeps balance through the juxtaposition of beauty, which gains perfection through nurtured imperfection.

Dean Koontz

Maybe if everything was beautiful, nothing would be.
People saw one thing, they swooned over it. They saw this other thing, they pounded it with sticks.
Maybe there had to be variety for life to work. Swoon over everything, you get bored. Beat everything with a stick-boring.

Yevgeny Zamyatin

Accentuated plainness and accentuated vice ought to bring about harmony. Beauty lies in harmony, in style, whether it be the harmony of ugliness or beauty, vice or virtue.

Cindy Ann Peterson

How you carry yourself speaks volumes about how you feel about yourself.

Cindy Ann Peterson

Proper posture sends a positive message since 90% of all communication occures through body language and how you carry yourself.

Cindy Ann Peterson

Our nonverbal behavior (including posture) gives away our inner personality and reflects our inner attitude.

Cindy Ann Peterson

A strong confident person can rule the room with knowledge, personal style, attitude and great posture.

Cindy Ann Peterson

Your posture is the key to your personal and professional foundation.

Cindy Ann Peterson

Posture is paramount to your future.

Cindy Ann Peterson

Posture reflects your attitude.

Cindy Ann Peterson

Great posture never goes out of style.

Cindy Ann Peterson

Great posture is the foundation that always fits.

Cindy Ann Peterson

Use proper posture to realize your professional image potential.

Cindy Ann Peterson

Always walk with style and finesse.

Cindy Ann Peterson

Confident posture gets you noticed for all the right reasons.

Cindy Ann Peterson

Great style and posture go hand in hand.

Cindy Ann Peterson

No amount of high fashion can make up for a lifetime of poor posture.

Cindy Ann Peterson

You project a confident image through good body posture.

Cindy Ann Peterson

In all areas of your life, striving for proper posture can enhance your career, style and health.

Cindy Ann Peterson

By taking good care of your posture now, you will enjoy and savor lifelong health benefits and beauty.

Michael Bassey Johnson

People who say you are ugly, may be true, because to them, you look like a monster. People who say you are beautiful, may also be true, because to them, you look like an angel.

Na'ama Yehuda

Today, find a point of stillness: brief, but precious slight, but full small, but luminously real. Find a point stillness in the balance of all things between the breathing out and breathing in.

Kat Lahr

There seems to be a sense of balance or equilibrium that nature attempts to achieve with the usage of cycles, leading us to the concept of self-organization and spontaneous order.

Alan Bradley

Give Nature a vacuum and she will try to fill it. Give her localized pressure and she will try to disperse it. She is forever seeking a balance she can never achieve, never happy with what she's got.

F.T. McKinstry

If you are in doubt about what's balanced, look to the natural world. Animals know the right paths.

Ursula K. Le Guin

The Earth is beautiful, and bright, and kindly, but that is not all. The Earth is also terrible, and dark, and cruel. The rabbit shrieks dying in the green meadows. The mountains clench their great hands full of hidden fire. There are sharks in the sea, and there is cruelty in men’s eyes.

Michael Ende

You must let what happens happen. Everything must be equal in your eyes, good and evil, beautiful and ugly, foolish and wise.

F.T. McKinstry

Gardens are made of darkness and light entwined.

Bryant McGill

The supreme hallmark of reality is balance.

Joseph Joubertber

What comes through war is given back through war. All spoils will be retaken, all plunder will be dispersed. All victors will be defeated and every city filled with prey will be sacked in its turn.

Cindy Ann Peterson

The art of civil conversation begins at birth. Then goes from the dinner table to the schoolroom, to interaction among friends, to the work place, and on to other places where all manner of social interactions are required.

Nikki Rowe

oh darling,
The darkness is a gift,
And when you realise this,
You will never be defeated

Morihei Ueshiba

The heart of a human being is no different from the soul of heaven and earth. In your practice always keep in your thoughts the interaction of heaven and earth, water and fire, yin and yang.

Soul Dancer

Compassion: a robust dance between grace and wisdom.

Soul Dancer

Balance: a dance with how and when.

Adi Da Samraj

Without true celebration discipline is obnoxious.

S.R. Ford

For every thorn is just as essential to the longevity of the plant as the blossoms.

Bryant McGill

The fullness of life's balancing grace will demand the symmetry of recompense for all your loss and pain.

James Butler

Balance hangs in the fingers of Peace

Turcois Ominek

Sometimes you have to let go in order to receive; after all the universe naturally acquires balance.

SupaNova Slom

DETOX your mind, body, AND your contact list.

Elizabeth Grace Saunders

If you commit to giving more time than you have to spend, you will constantly be running from time debt collectors.

Shelley Hendrix

When you know who you are, you know what to do.

Mark Donnelly

The more you read within a balanced life, the more time you have. Strange but true.

Shelley Hendrix

You have everything you need today to do what God has for you to do today.

Jay Woodman

Words to invoke peace & awareness. Words to create freedom and fairness. Words to plant sacred seeds. and sing us back into balance.

Anthony Liccione

Everyone needs a house to live in, but a supportive family is what builds a home.

H. Rider Haggard

We run to place and power over the dead bodies of those who fail and fall; ay, we win the food we eat from out the mouths of starving babes.

Marilynne Robinson

Eliminate the overwhelming cost of phantom wars and fools' errands, and humankind might begin to balance its books. After all, its only debts are to itself.

Aisha Mirza

Striking a balance in life is tough, but trying to strike balance and remain fair in the face of imbalance and oppression is even tougher.

Michael Thomas Sunnarborg

Balanced relationships are always based in freedom, not obligation.


Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralysed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds' wings.

Anthony Liccione

It's useless to paint a closed door, in order to change its color. The door needs to be open for both sides to change as same.

Kaira Rouda

I'd learned balance is internal; that there really wasn’t one set formula for how to live your life nor how to handle the wife-mother-businesswoman juggling act. Maybe it was just being tuned in to every role and knowing when one or the other needed to be the focus.

Thomm Quackenbush

You kill by consent, every time you let something… pervert the balance when you have the power to stop it.

Ursula K. Le Guin

The quality of the will to power is, precisely, growth. Achievement is its cancellation. To be, the will to power must increase with each fulfillment, making the fulfillment only a step to a further one. The vaster the power gained, the vaster the appetite for more.


keeping a balance with soul - is a romance with self

Theodore Roosevelt

We Americans have many grave problems to solve, many threatening evils to fight, and many deeds to do, if, as we hope and believe, we have the wisdom, the strength, and the courage and the virtue to do them. But we must face facts as they are. We must neither surrender ourselves to a foolish optimism, nor succumb to a timid and ignoble pessimism.

Eric Berlin

Whatever your passion is - even if you're great at it - it can't be the only thing you do... If you do, you'll be great at that one thing... and bad at everything else... Getting that balance is not easy...

Cindy Ann Peterson

Civility awareness and a common foundation of considerate conduct are crutial to our future,

William Osler

The future belongs to Science. More and more she will control the destinies of the nations. Already she has them in her crucible and on her balances.

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