Gerald Morris Quotes

Gerald Morris Quotes

The next day, to the joy of all of Arthur's court, Sir Gareth was wed to the fair Lady Lyonesse of Cornwall. All who beheld the couple declared that ne'er had so handsome a knight wed so beautiful a maiden. At the same time, Sir Gaheris was wedded to the Lady Lynet, younger sister to the Lady Lyonesse. They looked alright too.

He expects us to kill him," Palomides said to Dinadan.
"Some people are so demanding," Dinadan replied. "Considering we've only just met, I mean.

Don't make yourself so special," the dwarf said with a snort. "As if getting lost was some trick that only women knew. I've known men who could get lost in their own bedrooms. The only difference is that men with no sense of direction don't brag about it, the way women do.

I must be alive," Gawain said hoarsely. "Dead doesn't hurt this much.

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