Ian Fleming Quotes

Ian Fleming Quotes

I am a poet in deeds-not often in words.

You only live twice:
Once when you're born
And once when you look death in the face.

I would stay away from him and leave him to go his own road where there would be other women, countless other women, who would probably give him as much physical pleasure as he had had with me. I wouldn’t care, or at least I told myself that I wouldn’t care, because none of them would ever own him - own any larger piece of him than I now did.

People are islands,' she said. 'They don't really touch. However close they are, they're really quite separate. Even if they've been married for fifty years.

The conventional parabola-sentiment, the touch of the hand, the kiss, the passionate kiss, the feel of the body, the climax in the bed, then more bed, then less bed, then the boredom, the tears and the final bitterness-was to him shameful and hypocritical.

When she had failed once or twice to respond to some conversational gambit or other, Bond also relapsed into silence and occupied himself with his own gloomy thoughts.

I think it's the same with all the relationships between a man and a woman. They can survive anything so long as some kind of basic humanity exists between the two people. When all kindness has gone, when one person obviously and sincerely doesn't care if the other is alive or dead, then it's just no good.

- from Quantum of Solace

He shrugged his shoulders to shift the pain of failure-the pain that is so much greater than the pleasure of success.

If you fail at the large things it means you have not large ambitions. Concentration, focus - that is all. The aptitudes come, the tools forge themselves.

Never job backwards. What might have been was a waste of time.

Bond sat for a moment frozen to his chair. Suddenly, there flashed unwanted into his mind that most sinister line in poetry: 'They reckon ill who leave me out. When me they fly, I am the wings.

The difference between a good golf shot and a bad one is the same as the difference between a beautiful and a plain woman -a matter of millimetres.

All women love semi-rape. They love to be taken.It was his sweet brutality against my bruised body that made his act of love so piercingly wonderful.

She explained to me later that she must have been possessed by a subconscious desire to be raped. Well she found me in the mountains and she was raped - by me.

For her, sex was nothing more than an itch. And this phsychological and physiological neutrality of hers at once relieved her of so many human emotions and sentiments and desires. Sexual neutrality was the essence of coldness in an individual. It was a great and wonderful thing to be born with.

History is moving pretty quickly these days and the heroes and villains keep on changing parts.

Most marriages don't add two people together. They subtract one from the other.

Unless she married soon, Bond thought for the hundredth time, or had a lover, her cool air of authority might easily become spinsterish and she would join the army of women who had married a career.

His headache was still sitting over his right eye as if it had been nailed there.

You are about to awake when you dream that you are dreaming.

They had a table near the rail round the huge floor. Bond was spellbound. He found many of the girls very beautiful. The music hammered its way into his pulse until he almost forgot what he was there for.

Everyone has the revolver of resignation in his pocket.

Unfortunately most ways of making big money take a long time. By the time one has made the money one is too old to enjoy it.

It was the short men that caused all the trouble in the world.

Like all harsh, cold men, he was easily tipped over into sentiment.

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