J.D. Robb Quotes

J.D. Robb Quotes

You've got no sense of humor."

"I'm going to laugh really hard after I kick your ass.

Do little pink fairies sing and dance in your world, Peabody?"
"Sometimes, when it's very quiet and no one else can see.

I hate patience. Slows everything down.

If you tell me I'm sensible in addition to normal and wise, I'm going to punch you in the stomach.

No. No, I don't believe you'd betray me with her. I don't believe you'd cheat on me. But I'm afraid, and I'm sick in my heart that you might look at her, then at me. And regret.

Listen carefully. I'd crush you like a bug for causing my wife one single moment of pain. Believe it. Fear it.

Roarke: The bodies of the three men were found floating in the Chattahoochee River.

Eve: I think it'd be embarrassing to be dead in the Hoochie-Coochie River.

Roarke: Chattahoochee

Eve: What's the difference?

Roarke: Quite a bit, I'd think.

She, as no other ever could, reached every corner of his heart. His joy, and his salvation.

Bite me." -Lieutenant Eve Dallas, from any of the In Death books.

You can’t go back. Can’t fix what broke. But you can go forward. And every step matters. Every one makes a difference.” She pushed away from the desk, cupped his face in her hands. “From where I’m standing, you’re the best step I ever took.

I said, you're the beat of my heart, the breath in my body, the light in my soul.

We're standing here, beat to shit, walking away from a crime scene where either or both of us could have bought it, and you're asking me to marry you?"
"Perfect timing.

You know, lieutenant, you wear your weapon the way other women wear pearls."
"It's not a fashion accessory.

God is dead and I am his replacement.

Have I missed a national holiday? There must be celebrations in the streets for you to be home at this hour of the day."
"I'm calling it Summerset Goes Mute Day. The city's gone mad with joy.

I'm going to see if Morris has a spare spine lying around you can borrow if you're scared to speak to that high-heeled, smug-ass bitch, Peabody.

Can I borrow fifty bucks?”
“I’m short until payday.”
“You’re short every day.

I like ass-watching.” Peabody settled herself in comfortably.“When I see one bigger than mine, it makes me feel good. When I see one smaller, it helps me resist eating a whole bunch of cookies. It’s a productive hobby, my ass-watching

Eve: "Keep your mind off sex"
Roake: "Why? It's so happy there.

You're almost as good as Peabody."

He stopped at the door, grabbed her up in a steaming kiss. "You can't get that from Peabody."

"I could if I wanted." But it made her grin as he uncoded the locks. "But I like you better for sex.

You're aunt's just-what is it-down the hall. You know damn well this place isn't soundproofed."

"You'll just have to be quiet." He gave her ribs a deliberate tickle that made her jump and yelp. "Or not."

"Didn't I bang you already today, twice this morning?"

"Darling Eve, you're a pathetic romantic.

Why do you always have to put you and McNab and sex in my head? It brings pain no blocker can cure.

Drugs, sex, Satan, and power, Eve mused. A religious war? Hadn't humans fought and died for beliefs since the dawn of time? Animals fought for territory; people fought for territory as well. And for gain, for passion, for beliefs. For the hell of it.

Marriage isn't for the weak or lazy. It's work, and it should be. What would be the point otherwise?

There it was, Eve supposed. There was the answer to why people got tangled up with people. Because when you were down, when you were wallowing, someone you mattered to would ask if you were okay.

I want to keep you, till the end of days.

Business crises energize me. Personal crises devastate me. The doctors call it an avoidance tendency. (Mirena to Eve)

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