Meredith Duran Quotes

Meredith Duran Quotes

For a woman's words to wound would require a man to listen first!

He smiled. "How kind of you to confirm what I already know. Perhaps next you will introduce me to myself. I hear I am quite popular.

Miss Masters was not content with threatening to hire away his staff, oh no. First, she had to perfume it.

Manners come down to a single principle, talk of nothing that might actually prove interesting.

I admit, that the brain does not govern the body as well as one might wish- else all men would be saints and hell would be empty of lechers.

What modern art required was an imagination drawn to possibilities, rather than braced by smug presumptions.

Force persuades a person to speak, but it cannot guarantee his honesty. Quite the reverse: it will extract confessions from innocents and lies from simple sinners...

He knew himself well enough to know his own faults. Impatient and judgmental and stubborn and often too quick to act: he would try never to crush her, never to overwhelm her or bend her to his will, but if she did not demand only the best from him, it would happen. It might happen. Possibly.

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