Michelle Hodkin Quotes

Michelle Hodkin Quotes

Everyone's a little crazy. Some people just hide it better than others.

Thinking something does not make it true. Wanting something does not make it real.

If I were to live a thousand years, I would belong to you for all of them. If we were to live a thousand lives, I would want to make you mine in each one.

You are what happiness means to me. And I would rather have today with you than forever with anyone else.

Maybe sometimes we can only see the truth about ourselves if someone shows us where to look.

I'll love you to ruins.

Everyone is a little crazy. The only difference between us and them is that they hide it better.

The two of us snuggled like quotation marks in his room full of words.

Thanks. Seriously, you must have better things to do with your life than waste it on the hopeless?'
'I've already learned Parseltongue. What else is there?'

You can't hurt me the way you think you can. But even if you could? I would rather die with the taste of you on my tongue than live and never touch you again. I'm in love with you, Mara. I love you. No matter what you do.

I want YOU to be the one wanting me first. Pushing me first. Kissing me first. Don't be careful with me," he said. "Because I won't be careful with you.

He didn't look like the same person who picked me up this morning. Noah-sarcastic, distant, untouchable Noah-cared. And that made him real.

Noah started this chase and I stood before him, waiting to be caught. He could have me, but he refused to move.
Only now did I realize why.
He wanted to be caught. He was waiting for me to chase him.

Like your the ocean and he's desperate to drown.

I planted a kamikaze kiss on Jamie’s cheek.
“FUCK,” he shouted, wiping it off. “What if you killed me!” He threw a Skittle at my face. It hit my forehead.
“Taste the rainbow bitch.

Have you made any other friends since we've been here?"
I gave him the death stare. "Yes, actually."
"Who? I want a name."
"Jamie Roth."
"The Ebola kid? I heard he's a little unstable."
"That was one incident.

You like them," I realized.
Noah's eyebrows lifted in question.
"Like as people."
"As opposed to...furniture?"
"They're my PARENTS."
"That is my understanding, yes.

I have never read The Joy of Crap. Sounds disgusting. I have, however, read The Joy of Sex. Not in a while, but I think it's one of those classics you can come back to again... and again.

Your level of neuroses will only find love in a made-for-TV movie.

There is no truth," Stephanie said mysterously. "Only perspectives.

I want to shake them for their ignorance and scream that their Sistine Chapel is filled with cracks.

You're supposed to say, 'All I want is your happiness. I'll do whatever it takes, even if it means being without you.'"
"Sorry," Noah said. "I'm just not that big of a person.

My brother spent a large portion of the agonizingly slow drive to school banging his forehead on the stearing wheel.

Why?' He asked.
'Why what?' What could I say? Noah, despite you being an asshole, or maybe because of it, I'd like to rip off your clothes and have your babies. Don't tell.

I didn’t know enough to hold myself back. Now I was too aware, hyperaware, and so the fear chained me.

I was just going to say it reminds me of the symbols on a family crest.”

Noah stopped mid-stride, and turned very slowly. “We’re not related.”

“I know, but - ”

“Don’t even think it.

Other people are usually wrong.

What would you do if I kissed you right now?"
I stared at his beautiful face and his beautiful mouth and I wanted nothing more than to taste it. "I would kiss you back.

You could start a fire with the heat between you two."
"You're mistaking bitter animosity for heartfelt affection.

You smell good," he whispered into my neck. He was warm against me. Instinctively, I arched back into him and smiled.
"Mmm-hmm. Delicious. Like bacon.

I hate you," I muttered.
Noah smiled wider. "I know.

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