Sweety Shinde Quotes

Sweety Shinde Quotes

Absence of questions is not proof of answers.

Don't underestimate your own triumphs. Leave it to the enemy.
# Krishn

No person is great in isolation. It takes many hands to shape a life. Denial would mean conceit, and conceit is not the same as self-respect.

..war doesn't decide who is right - it just decides who is left.

War does not only kill soldiers and warriors. It also kills rules and moral values. No! Those cannot be killed. War kills the pretense at rules and moral values. It also kills the pretense of being human beings...

I seemed to have lost my husband and best friend simultaneously – and to each other.
Something warned me that I would get back either both or none.
- #Draupadi

Power does not justify sin. Power is not virtue. Virtue is that which lasts inspite of power

Skill without passion would have been drudgery. Passion without skill would have been torture.

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