Legend Quotes

Marie Lu

Forever and ever, kid, until you're sick and tired of seeing me.

Simona Panova

Oh, he did look like a deity – the perfect balance of danger and charm, he was at the same time fascinating and inaccessible, distant because of his demonstrated flawlessness, and possessing such strength of character that he was dismaying and at the same time utterly attractive in an enticing and forbidden way.

Nirav Sanchaniya

A Writer is Actor, Creator, Director & Producer Of HIS Life. Ask ME anything.

Amit Kalantri

You will get your father's wealth one day but not his legacy.

John H. Alexander

Storytellers seldom let facts get in the way of perpetuating a legend, although a few facts add seasoning and make the legend more believable.

Mike Norton

Solitude is the soil in which genius is planted, creativity grows, and legends bloom; faith in oneself is the rain that cultivates a hero to endure the storm, and bare the genesis of a new world, a new forest.

Marie Lu

Money is the most important thing in the world, you know. Money can buy you happiness, and I don't care what anyone else thinks.

Ann Wroe

Time slipped and slid around him, unanchored by any fact that could be verified. Perhaps it did not matter. 'Where does our story take place, and when?' asked Cocteau at the start of Orphée. 'It's the privilege of legends to be ageless. Comme il vous plaira. As you please.

Marie Lu

June has never looked more beautiful than she does now, unadorned and honest, vulnerable yet invincible.

Ann Wroe

It was generally believed, said Theophilus, that Orpheus learned his music from the birds. His small voice, piping after theirs, filled with all the secret stories of the earth.

Leni Riefenstahl

I set about seeking a thread, a theme, a style, in the realm of legend. Something that might allow me to give free rein to my juvenile sense of romanticism and the beautiful image.

Amit Kalantri

Youth is the most suitable age to enjoy the life completely or to work diligently for the life, what you decide makes your rest of the life ordinary or legendary respectively.

John Brouwer

...And so history gets written
to prove the legend is ridiculous. But soon the legend
replaces the history because the legend is more interesting.

Adrien Rouquette

Legend does not contradict history. It preserves the fundamental after but magnifies and embellishes it.

Zeeshan Ahmed

Isn't better to excel in your work than wasting time on fruitless things ... after all to become the history, you have to write it.

Paulo Coelho

There is a legend that everything that falls into the waters of this river - leaves, insects, the feathers of birds - is transformed into the rocks that make the riverbed. If only I could tear out my heart and hurl it into the current, then my pain and longing would be over, and I could finally forget.

Paulo Coelho

In the long run, what people think about sheperds and bakers becomes more important for them than their own Personal Legends.

Fahmid Hassan Prohor

My father hasn’t told me about it but he showed me the straight path

A. Saleh

When people starts to enjoy a writer's pen, he becomes a legend even if his stories are neither long nor publicly surrounded by expectations.

Jerril Thomas Abraham

what you know is way Beyond you think.

James W. Bodden

Men started praying to you, begging for a taste. That legend of yours spiraled out of control. You gave the people hope. They were told you were all they ever needed.

Nobuyuki Fukumoto

Victory is in our hands! It's time for our legends to begin! Don't tremble, and don't you dare cry! Come on, show some energy!

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