Pretend Quotes

Kurt Vonnegut

We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend
We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.

Simona Panova

Emotions don’t interfere in my acting, nor in my life.

Simona Panova

And I wasn’t playing a role – I was trying to be myself.
But the harder I was striving, the more I was realizing that I had probably lost that ‘myself’ somewhere between two perfectly performed roles...

Richelle E. Goodrich

Chameleonesque, hobbitish, unicorned, stompled, selfishism, and unwakeable may not be real words, but you do know what they mean.

Rae Carson

I think sometimes when we find love we pretend it away, or ignore it, or tell ourselves we’re imagining it. Because it is the most painful kind of hope there is.

Sophie Kinsella

If I behave as though this is a completely normal situation, then maybe it will be ...

Alex Flinn

It's easier to fake it. When you fake it for sixteen years, it becomes part of you, something you don't think about.

Kemi Sogunle

Never pretend to be who you are not. It doesn't take long before the truth gets revealed and you'll be left hurt with the results.

Suzanne Collins

Don't. Don't let's pretend when there's no one around.

Jennifer Harrison

I have always been quite good at falling in love, but I don’t pretend to know anything about literal happily ever afters. 

Iain Thomas

Everyone changes so slowly, they don't even know that they have. And everyone likes to pretend that things are just the same yet they look at you like you could bring something back that's supposed to already be here. But home is a time. Not just a place.

Jacqueline Carey

And for a price, I will pretend absolutely nothing.

Richelle E. Goodrich

There are things
that make no sense,
that seem unreal,
that can’t be grasped
or understood
or explained,
that maybe don’t even exist…
And still, somehow, those wonderful things touch and change our lives.
Isn’t it strange?

Richelle E. Goodrich

Imagine fantasy and pretend as neither fantastical nor pretended.....and then believe it.

Richelle E. Goodrich

Don't ever quit pretending.

Tommy Tran

We live in a world full of people who are satisfied with pretending to be someone they are not.

Charlie Sheen

The best way to not get your heart broken, is pretending you don't have one.

Emma Abdullah

It's always comforting to tell yourself things are going to be alright, because even if a part of you senses that you're lying, it's comforting to shut it out- shut out reality and pretend- because pretending is nice.

Richelle E. Goodrich

Reality is a background so painted over by our own perceptions that every eye sees the world differently.

Marcia Sirota

On top of the abuse and neglect, denial heaps more hurt upon the child by requiring the child to alienate herself from reality and her own experience. In troubled families, abuse and neglect are permitted; it's the talking about them that is forbidden.

Amit Kalantri

Heroes are hero no matter if everybody is watching them or nobody watching them.

J.D. Stroube

Over the years, I learned to smile or laugh when I was supposed to. I kept my true self hidden; I did not need to unleash my pain on the world around me. Instead, I taught myself to ignore it. I did not realize that the pain was eating away at my soul.

Anthony Liccione

I guess it's better to have a chalk smile, than an ink smile. Where chalk changes with the direction of wind, ink stays as a deep stain. Like rain, sun and hail against a fake plant.


Humanity is the word we use when we kill in the name of society.
Humanity is the word we use to make them believe we can feel.
Humanity is the word we use to cover up our dreadful crimes.
humanity is the word we use to pretend we are not monsters.
Humanity, humanity, humanity! There, now we are invincible

Rebecca McNutt

So many people spend years (and money) studying to be doctors, lawyers, actors, dancers, business executives and scientists - when you're an author, you can be any of these things, and you don't need a degree or certificate; all you need is an imagination, a dream and an open mind.

Rebecca McNutt

Mandy would much rather have imaginary friends who were real than real friends who were imaginary.

Jodi Picoult

And that was the greatest heartbreak of all- no matter how spectacular we want our children to be, no matter how perfect we pretend they are, they are bound to disappoint. As it turns out, kids are more like us than we think: damaged, through and through.

Bill Willingham

We live through the belief of children...Regicide is suicide, citizens. Inscribe that in your hearts. The Great Pretend is a fragile construct.

Jay Woodman

The steady soul and the ego pretender / walk with their arms round each other's shoulders / through the mirage.

Tracy Anne Warren

To give herself a measure of credible autonomy, she had decided to invent a husband. Then, in a subsequent flash of inspiration, she had just as quickly killed him off.

Tiffany Madison

Never trust someone that claims they care nothing of what society thinks of them. Instead of conquering obstacles, they simply pretend they don't exist.

Lucas Sterk

In this world we are all pretenders, and Society is our game

Nichole Chase

Don't you agree that if I act like there is nothing going on, other people will behave that way too?

Dave Eggers

This was a new skill she'd acquired, the ability to look, to the outside world, utterly serene and even cheerful, while, in her skull, all was chaos.

Simona Panova

Everybody is equally weak on the inside, just that some present their ruins as new castles and become kings –

Simona Panova

Paranoia. The more you think of an imaginary problem, the more you feel as though it’s real –

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