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Jimi Hendrix

The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye, the story of love
The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye...until we meet again

Paul McCartney

Close your eyes and I'll kiss you, Tomorrow I'll miss you.. Paul McCartney
Close your eyes and I'll kiss you, Tomorrow I'll miss you.

Taylor Swift

you're an expert at sorry and keeping the lines blurry

Anna Nalick

But, my God, it's so beautiful when the boy smiles

Jason Robert Brown

Maybe I'd see how you could be so certain that we had no all.

E.A. Bucchianeri

While you’re singing something romantic, I can’t get the lyrics to ‘Love and Marriage’ out of my head, and that tune always reminds me of the jingle from Jeopardy.

Gerard Way

Would you destroy Something perfect in order to make it beautiful?

Selena Gómez

You have every right to a beautiful life.

Bob Marley

Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, Don't give up
Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, Don't give up the fight.

One Direction

You don't know, oh, oh
You don't know you're beautiful.

Lil Wayne

Love me or hate me, i swear it won't make or break me.

Jon Bon Jovi

Take my hand and we'll make it - I swear

Tim McGraw

because being with you makes perfect sense

Jonny Lang

I don't want to be in love but you're makin' me

Emme Rollins

My task is set before me, girl
My mission clear and true
There’ll be black knights and dragons, girl
But I will always come for you…

Marvin Gaye

And givin' yourself to me can never be wrong

Ray Lamontagne

And baby, the way you move me it's crazy

Parachute Band

They call her love, love, love, love, love. She is love, and she is all I need.

Jim Morrison

We're reaching for death
on the end of a candle
We're trying for something
that's already found us

V.C. Andrews

I wish the night would end,
I wish the day'd begin,
I wish it would rain or snow,
or the wind would blow,
or the grass would grow,
I wish I had yesterday,
I wish there were games to play...

Ray Lamontagne

But everything I have to give, I'll give to you

Cheryl Cory

It’s true - there are only, like, two songs about rainbows, including that one. He should be asking why there are so few songs about rainbows.

John Lennon

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Tim Minchin

Isn't this enough? Just this world? Just THIS?

Boyz II Men

Because you let our love just fall apart
You no longer have my heart

Boyz II Men

time made me stronger, you're no longer on my mind

Bob Dylan

The line it is drawn
The curse it is cast
The slow one now
Will later be fast
As the present now
Will later be past
The new order is
Rapidly fadin'.
And the first one now
Will later be last
For the times they are a-changin'.

Kevin Dalton - Faubush Hill

Put some fiddle in the middle, it'll make it better. Warm your heart like an old love letter. Make you feel like the day you met her.

Rob Sheffield

You know the Prince song where the girl's phone rings but she tells him, "whoever's calling couldn't be as cute as you?" I long to live out this moment in real life.

Sara Haze

Every heart has a story to tell. Some dreams have wings, some are torn at the seams and just sit there on the shelf. If you were to walk in my shoes, you would see that we are all the same. So find the love inside yourself because every heart has a story to tell.


Then came the healing time, hearts started to shine, soul felt so fine, oh what a freeing time it was.

Laurie Anderson

History is an angel being blown backwards into the future

Alanis Morissette

When pain brings you down, don't be silly, don't close your eyes and cry, you just might be in the best position to see the sun shine.

Bob Dylan

Ah, but I was so much older then
I’m younger than that now

Rolling Stones

Lose your dream, you lose your mind.

Lady Gaga

We are not just Art for Michelangelo to carve, he can't rewrite the agro of my furied heart- Lady Gaga 10/22/10

Bruce Springsteen

The hungry and the haunted explode in a rock'n'roll band.

Faith No More

Droplets of yes and no, in an ocean of maybe.

Bob Dylan

There must be some kind of way out of here,' said the joker to the thief...

Marc Cohn

You can go a hundred miles a second
Don't have to drive no lousy cab
Got everything you want and more man
And the King picks up the tab
You walk around on streets of gold all day
And you never have to listen
To what these customers say and I know...

Real Friends

I said I'm selfish, I'm a liar and I'm broken
Shit runs through my head every day that I would never tell anyone
You're just like me
The only difference is that I'm honest enough to scream my flaws in the lines of this song

Ziggy Marley

I don't care if it hurts, I'm tired of lies and all these games, I've reached a point in life, and no longer can I be this way, don't come crying to me, I too have shed my share of tears. I'm moving on, yes I'm grooving on.


Sollendrum Mozhi Endrum Porul Endrum Illai, Porul Endrum Illai
Sollaatha Solluku Vilai Yethum Illai, Vilai Yethum Illai
Ondrodu Ondraaga Uyir Serntha Pinne, Uyir Serntha Pinne Hmm..hmm hmmhmmm
Ullagangal Nammayandri Vereythum Illai, Vereythum Illai

Marilyn Manson

Light a candle for the sinners set the world on fire

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