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Michael Bassey Johnson

I can cross the boundless ocean just to save you, I cannot eat or sleep without
I can cross the boundless ocean just to save you, I cannot eat or sleep without you, I can take you on a journey to heaven and show you to the angels. All these are fake and absurd promises; Be sincere, walk up to your lover and say, honestly, darling, i can only do the best i can for you.

Vincent H. O'Neil

Your boss takes a dim view of SEX?

Eoin Colfer

Hey, look - your girlfriend is saying something."
Artemis had a vast mental reserve of scathing comebacks at his disposal, but none of them covered girlfriend insults. He wasn't even sure if it was an insult. And if it was, who was being insulted? Him or the girl?

Jess C. Scott

He felt a little lost, after that experience. Lost as the girls on their knees. It was a never-ending story of young girls losing themselves, such that they were no longer humans with any souls or characters, but pretty girls with fat asses and nice tits.

Parachute Band

They call her love, love, love, love, love. She is love, and she is all I need.

Bazil Patel

nobody would know your story unless you survive❤ ❤

Bazil Patel

The most magical thing I have come across is a beautiful face with a beautiful heart
The most magical thing I have come across is a beautiful face with a beautiful heart and it's you❤ ❤

Raheel Farooq

A beautiful girlfriend is worth two more.

Susan Mallery

To the stupidity of men, " Dakota said, raising a glass. "And my brother, who is their king.

John Green

I wouldn't have cared if my girlfriend was a Jaguar-driving Cyclops with a beard - I'd have been grateful just to have someone to make out with.

Karen Quan

Be drunk in love and high on life.

Michael Bassey Johnson

A man is not for you when all he knows is to slam your back on the bed and ram into you like a wild fool. The interested ones are the ones so interested that they become very interested in only interesting things about you.

Crystal Woods

I know you think I'm crazy. Maybe that's because I am. About life, about this moment, about you.

Stef Harder

Treat your heart like a turnstile. Open it to only those who got valid tickets.

J.A. Buckle

It's hot in here but that's just you, Michelle, for when I see you it's like the sun comes out in my head. You are the reason for global warming but in a good way.

J.A. Buckle

If I don't get a girlfriend soon (number one on the list) I may have to resort to drastic measures like surgery (me) or hypnosis (them).

Catherynne M. Valente

We like the wrong sorts of girls, they wrote. They are usually the ones worth writing about.

Bazil Patel

My heart has become a amazon of dark secrets ❤

Jonathan Anthony Burkett

It's risky most of the time, but its better to listen to your heart.

Amit Kalantri

Give as much as importance to your goal as you give it to your first girlfriend, with that much importance your girlfriend might still leave you but your goal will definitely come to you.

Rachel Hawkins

Whoa, I'm your girlfriend now?"
Archer shrugged. "We've tried to kill each other, fought ghouls, and kissed a lot. I'm pretty sure we're married in some cultures.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Thanks to arranged marriages: There are countless women who have never been their husband's girlfriend.

Nike Thaddeus

Every kind of relationship needs encouragement from both parties. Be it marriage, dating, friendship, enmity etc.

Starley Ard

I had a dream that my boyfriend went back to his ex…I woke up and giggled because you don’t pick up a rock after finding a diamond.

Michael Bassey Johnson

An exceptional woman with all the desired qualities exists only in a man's imagination.

Jourdane Erasquin

What you do with your heartbreak is yours, never feel the need to explain to people why things ended the way it did; it's not for the world to own.

Jonathan Anthony Burkett

I'm the man that'll make your nights shine bright like day light.


Sometimes you have to leave someone special without any reason, Sometimes you can't leave the person with thousands of reason to leave

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