Unconditional Quotes

Asa Don Brown

Perfectionism is adaptive if you are mindful of your humanhood.

Donald Trump

The other candidates — they went in, they didn’t know the air conditioning didn’t work. They sweated like dogs…How are they gonna beat ISIS? I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

Aaron Cohen

Happiness is attained, not through self-interest, but through unconditional fidelity in endless love of eternal light.

Vera Nazarian

Love - not dim and blind but so far-seeing that it can glimpse around corners, around bends and twists and illusion; instead of overlooking faults love sees through them to the secret inside.

Stephen Chbosky

I hate you."
I love you."
You're a freak, you know that? Everyone says so. They always have."
I'm trying not to be.


You should find the same joy in one condition as in the other and thereby be free of care, that is all. But now, when the things that happened along take their leave, you cease to be joyful. From this point of view, though you have joy, it will always be fated for destruction.

Edmond Mbiaka

To succeed in achieving unconditional happiness is arguably the greatest wealth on earth.

Tim Crawshaw

The unconditional love that God gives us when we are in relationship with him frees us and sustains us; we no longer feel the need to prove ourselves according to worldly standards, we are fine just the way we are.

Edmond Mbiaka

Never forget that you solely owe unconditional self-love and massive success to yourself.

Vivian Amis

Love is that which gives of itself, not because anyone needs it or deserves it, but because that is what love does.

Amit Kalantri

When you are a grown up your brothers become your neighbors and your unconditional brotherhood become your conditional neighborhood.

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