Asa Don Brown Quotes

Asa Don Brown Quotes

The benefits of forgiveness are limitless.

Forgiveness has the ability to transform our thoughts.

All children should be taught to unconditionally accept, approve, admire, appreciate, forgive, trust, and ultimately, love their own person.

In simple, the past is a time gone by and no longer exists in the present moment, but we choose to allow this past to occupy our minds, our bodies and our very existence.

Perfectionism is adaptive if you are mindful of your humanhood.

Letting go of the past, is like opening the flood gates of healing to be set free.

Forgiveness is the ultimate liberator of our mind, body, and spirit.

The process of grief and loss is as unique as your personal DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid); no two individuals will have the same experiences or relationship to grief.

Self-talk reflects your innermost feelings.

Life is a purposeful action.

Pure happiness and peace are at their peak when your body is in harmony with itself.

Shame and blame should have no place in our body, mind, or spirit.

Our perceptions are influenced by our surroundings.

Are you seeking to be offended?

Are you living in the moment?

What is an unconditional state?

What are the messages that you are entertaining?

Perfectionists are not all negative, miserable, unhappy and over controlling individuals

Loss has no friend, no allies, no benefit to the human spirit.

As an individual, you are entitled to your time of grief, process of grief, and right to grieve.

There is no greater grief, than when a parent losses a child.

Spanking a child is about the parent not the child. The child will learn more from positive correction than physical manipulation.

As fathers, we should have a desire to be active participants in our children’s lives.

Secure attachment has been linked to a child's ability to successfully recover and prove resilient in the presence of a traumatic event.

Reading is a source of liberation. Children who are taught to read early on, are commonly taught to communicate in other significant verbal and nonverbal ways.

Children are barometers of the chaos that exists within their lives.

Trauma does not have to occur by abuse alone...

Resiliency is the essence of a global positive framework...

Resiliency is not gender-, age-, or intellectually specific...

The loss of a child exploits the emotions of each individual it encounters.

An anchor should be someone who is personally open and willing to communicate.

The loss of my child broke my spirit.

Allow yourself to be an anchor and anchored by others.

For far too long, the female gender has been plagued with stereotypes, typecasting, as well as, subtle and blatant discrimination.

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