When Quotes

Musab Faiyazuddin

When the Altitude of Gratitude grows in Multitude with Certitude the World will perceive Beatitude

Gunnar Ardelius

How do you know when it's over?"
"Maybe when you feel more in love with your memories than with the person standing in front of you.

Daniel Melgaço

People become more ignorant when it comes to religion.

Munia Khan

When reality hurts, make sure to soar above the dream-stained sky!

Crystal Woods

When you call me nugget.
When you take pictures of me.
When you dance.
When you complement me.
When you laugh.
When your eyes squint as you smile.
When we make love when we're sick.
I fall more in love with you.


Life is beautiful, when you make it beautiful

Lity Munshi

when I feel there is a bigger power than me in universe,it gives me strength that I have to achieve that power.this is not end.i have to go somewhere.

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