Nalini Singh Quotes

Nalini Singh Quotes

You’re in my every breath and every thought, intertwined so deep inside me that love’s not a strong enough word - you have my devotion, your name branded on my soul, my wolf yours to command. A hundred years? It’ll never be enough. I want eternity.

I will love you even when I am dust on the wind.

You have the power to tear me to pieces, to wound me so deep and true that I'll never recover. What Rissa's death did to the boy I was? You have the ability to do a thousand times worse to the man I've become.

For the first time in forever, he was stunned to silence. Not by her words, but by the tenderness in her hands, the worry in her eyes. He was an archangel. He’d been wounded far, far worse and shrugged it off. But then, there had been no woman with sun kissed by the sunset and eyes of storm gray to tear into him for daring to get himself hurt.

Emotion without reason lets people walk all over you; reason without emotion is a mask for cruelty.

You know how spooky Ashwini is. She called an hour ago to tell me she has a secret stash of handheld grenade launchers she thought I might want to know about. My response was, 'What the fuck?

How long have you been with Raphael?”
“You ask a lot of questions for a dead woman.”
“What can I say? I prefer to die well-informed.”
-Venom and Elena

Riley : "Do you want to claw at me, kitty-cat? Come on."
Mercy: "Sorry, I don't beat defenseless puppies.

Ransom really looked at the other man for the first time, shook his head, stared again.“Holy hell, your eyes are like a fucking viper’s.”
Venom raised an eyebrow.“You have hair prettier than one of Astaad’s concubines.”
Ransom gave the vampire the finger.
Venom grinned.

She blew out a breath between gritted teeth. “Sometimes I really want to” - a frustrated sound - “bite you!”

He froze. “I might let you.”

“I won’t do it if you’d enjoy it.

How’s Her Royal Bitchiness?”



Only ignorance excuses stupidity

Life changes us. To wish otherwise is pointless.

Once, he hadn't been able to touch her without causing himself pain. Now, it only hurt when he didn't touch her.

Hawke," he said. "That's the word you need to be saying.

I saw wild, dangerous beauty. I saw devotion. I saw you.

A life is not a waste of time

What can I say? I prefer to die well informed.

Was it not worth the loss of a little immortality to have that strange mix of innocence and strength close to him?

After this is over, I want a shower in a really big bathroom."

"I'll get us the penthouse."

"What makes you think you'll be sharing it with me?"

"I live in hope.

Somehow the idea of Montgomery as a fairy doesn't have the same effect on me as it appears to have on you.


Eres mío para jugar contigo a mi antojo

Solo mirarte me proporciona el placer más intenso que jamás haya sentido.

If he decided to pursue Sienna...Sucking in a breath Indigo promised herself she'd warn the girl if and when the time came-because no woman should have to face that campaign unprepared.

I’ll wait for you to find me again. So don’t take too long.

There was a very slight chance she might actually kill him that way, and if she did, she’d be brought up on charges. Unless, of course, she could prove harmful intent. She could see it now.
See, Your Honor, he was going to f*ck me silly, make me like it.

The bastard kissed her. She was so mad, she bit him hard enough to draw blood. Raphael pulled back, lip already beginning to swell. “We are no longer even, Elena. You’re now in debt.”
“You can deduct it from my slow and painful death.

Do I look like I want to be eaten alive after sex?

I don’t want to be your snack, your chew-toy, your fuck-buddy. Find a vampire to sink your fang into.

I had sex," Drew said with a grin. "Lots and lots and lots of sex."

Indigo threw a balled-up piece of paper at him, but she was grinning. Catching the paper, he said, "Hey, no use in good energy going to waste.

Be gentle with him, Mercy. He's got a heart as big as Texas - he'll die for you without blinking. But he doesn't expect anyone to do the same for him.

Take care of my heart won't you, Sophie? It's a little odd having it outside my body-but I'm planning to steal yours to make up for it.

I look into my heart and see the abyss looking back at me.'

'I won't let you fall.

Under her palm, his heart beat strong and sure. It was such a human sound, so honest, so real.

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