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Type: Novelist

Born: October 10, 1950


Nora Roberts was born in Silver Spring, Maryland, the youngest of five children. After a school career that included some time in Catholic school and the discipline of nuns, she married young and settled in Keedysville, Maryland.

Nora Roberts Quotes

Anything worth anything can be found in books.

Do you know how many ways love can hit you? So it makes you happy, or miserable? It makes you sick in the belly or hurt in the heart. It makes everything brighter and sharper, or it blurs all the edges. It makes you feel like a king or a fool. Every way love can hit you, it's hit me when it comes to you

A woman with romance in her life lived as grandly as a queen, because her heart was treasured.

That woman doesn't have the sense God gave a retarded flea.

You can fix anything but a blank page.

Good fiction creates its own reality.

You can't edit a blank page

Grayson: Fiction is just a lie anyway.

Brianna: But it's not - it's a different kind of truth - it would be your truth at the time of the writing, wouldn't it?

Words have magic. Spells and curses. Some of them, the best of them, once said change everything.

There's no reward without work, no victory without effort, no battle won without risk.

Excuse me? Tonight you represent every dateless woman in this city, every woman who's about to sit down to a lonely meal of Weight Watchers past primavera she's just nuked in the microwave. Every woman who will get into bed tonight with a book or reruns of Sex and the City as her only companion. You are our shining hope....But no pressure.

Earrings are like orgasms. You can never have too many."
" I never thought about it quite that way."
Well, you're a man. " She gave his knee a friendly pat.

Magic exists. Who can doubt it, when there are rainbows and wildflowers, the music of the wind and the silence of the stars? Anyone who has loved has been touched by magic. It is such a simple and such an extraordinary part of the lives we live.

If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.

know what you want, work to get it, then value it once you have it.

And each book has to receive your best effort every single time. No slacking.

love wasn't the soft, silky words the poets spoke of. Love,with it's twin edges, was the one factor that weakened so many women, that pushed them to compromised their own wants, their own needs for the needs and wants of another.

I guess money can't buy happiness if you shop in the wrong places.

Damn me to hell or take me to heaven, but for Gods sake, do it now....

The tune was sad, as the best of Ireland was, melancholy and lovely as a lover's tears.

He wanted to be a poet,' someone else put in while Maggie hugged Tim and patted his back. 'Said he'd only lacked the words to be one.

it taught me, that when a woman lets herself love, she loses. it taught me that to survive, you rely on yourself first and last." -adrianne

"It should have also taught you that sometimes love has no threshold." -philip

I find myself fascinated by a man who admits to enjoying fairy tales and uses the word "impinge"- barely misses a beat while indulging in a brief girl-on-girl fantasy. You're a man of layers, Ford."
Me and Shrek, we're onions.

He won't be one of those girlishly pretty men with curly gold hair...He'll be dark, dangerous, too. Brave, certainly, but not without flaws. I like my heroes human.

As a rule of thumb, I'd say one cliché per [Romance]-and then be damn sure you can make it work. But if you're going to try to write the virginal amnesiac twin disguised as a boy mistaken for the mother (or father depending how well the disguise works) of a secret baby, honey, you better have some serious skills. Or seek therapy.

Sex might satisfy, food might fuel, love might sustain, but without coffee, what is the point?

Do you want to fix it?"
"I just said I was in love with her. Why wouldn't I want to fix it?"
"You want to know how?"
"Goddamn it, Del." He drank again. "Yes, since you're so fucking smart. How do I fix it?"
Jack blew out a breath. "I can do that".

Are you telling me you're cooking me dinner?- Regan Its the quickest way, without physical contact, to get a woman into bed. The kitchen through there?

Oh, God. God, isn't that perfect? He's Dad. He's Dad with a layer of nerd. Solid, steady, chipping away so patiently, you don't even know you've had your shields hacked down until you're defenseless. It's the type." "You're not in love with a type, you're in love with a man," Penny corrected. "Or you're not.

Men like him were so used to getting their own way with a quick smile, a murmured
word, they didn't know how to act with a woman who stood firmly on her own feet.

And since I’m marrying into the Quartet, I have certain privileges and duties. If you’re sleeping with Laurel - ”
“I’m not sleeping with Laurel. We’re dating.”
“Right, and the two of you are just going to hold hands, admire the moon, and sing camp songs.”
“For a while. Minus the singing.

If it winds up earlier, you should have a movie picked out. This is assuming she isn’t sending you the ‘let’s go back to my place’ signals. In that case - ”

“Don’t go there, Bob. Let’s just not go there.

A relationship isn't something that has to be created in a day or perfected in a day. Part of the game is to keep working on it. It's something that'll always be just a little flawed.

You don't fix a man the way you do a fault in a pipe or a leak in a roof. You take him as he is, Mary Brenna, or you don't take him at all...adjustments can't be all made on one side, darling, else the balance goes off and what's being built just falls down.

He gave her a quick, casual kiss on the cheek first. Then came the hug, and it was the hug that always made Laurel’s heart mush. Serious grip, cheek to the hair, eyes closed, just a little sway. Del’s hugs mattered, she thought, and made him impossible to resist.

Parker: She believed, absolutely, that each person, each heart, had a counterpart - had a mate. A rightness. She’d always believed it, and understood that unshakable belief was a reason she was good at what she did.

Remind me not to piss you off Red. You might aim for the heart and shoot me in the balls.

...If I don't have twenty or thirty books right here, waiting to be read, I start jonesing. That's my compulsion.

Men didn't respect beauty...they used it.

Some prefer the wildness. Some the calm. There's enough of both in the world for everyone to have their choice. And enough time for any to change their mind.

You're going to need this," she said, and pulled out a condom.

"At some point, we're also going to need a defibrillator and a fire extinguisher."

"Promises, promises.

Well, I'd have more zing with George Clooney and Harrison Ford in a threesome, but neither of us are going to get that wish.

She pressed her mouth to his throat, his shoulder, would have absorbed him into her skin if she'd known a way.

Studies show adolescent males often make decisions based on sex. Many fail to grow out of it.

Family’s the luck of the draw, Lena. What you make of yourself, because of or despite it, that’s where the spine and heart come in.

I'll give you everything I've got, and if you need more, I'll find it and give it to you.

I'd have given you everything I had. If you'd needed more, I'd have found it, and given you that. It's the way I love. It's the only way I know how.

Love spells are nothing but wives' tales. You can't play magic inside the heart, for it's more powerful than any spell. Lust you can order up with a wink, desire with a smile. But love is love, and there is nothing can touch it.

Do you think, Sam, that even if it were only my own heart at risk, I could pour it into your hands again?"

"Then just take mine. I'm not doing anything else with it.

Some days, the music is not in tune, but it's always a song worth singing.
That's the best description of a good marriage I've ever heard...

I don't need you by my side. But I want you there. Very much want you there. That, I think, says
more. Means more."
He took the hand she held out to him. "We'll go down. James should be here soon

A marriage is a delicate thing, Maggie, a balance of two hearts and two hopes. Sometimes the weight's just too heavy on the one side, and the other can't lift to it.

What's she crying for now?" Theo wanted to know as Pilar clung to his father and sobbed.
"Women wait until it's over before they cry, especially when it's important." Maddy studied the
way her father turned his face into Pilar's hair. "This is important

Love runs the engine

If you don't tell her just that, if you don't give her your heart, Aidan, if you don't bare it for her and give her the time to trust what she sees there, you'll never have her.

North If you don't tell her just that, if you don't give her your heart, Aidan, if you don't bare it for her and give her the time to trust what she sees there, you'll never have her.

Love, even when pledged, isn't enough.

Change-savor the cool, fresh flavor of it.

Happily ever after?"
"If justice doesn't triumph and love doesn't make the circle in entertainment fiction, what's the point? Real life sucks too often.

Fictional people are people, too, otherwise why would we care what happens to them?

Anyone who said money didn't matter had never had to count the coins that fell between the cushions of the couch.

Courage comes in different forms. There's strength-that's the muscle. But love's the heart. When you put them together, you can do anything.

Feeling too much is a hell of a lot better than feeling nothing.

I'm going to treat myself to one of these as a reward for not knocking himself unconscious with a skillet.

A bit of sniffles and men are more work than a brood of babies.

Creative is my god. Technology my cherished lover.

Everything I know, I learned from dogs.

I’ve never been the one. Not for anybody.”
He closed the distance between them.
“You’ll get used to it.” He tipped her face up to his, kissed her.
“Why? Why am I the one?”
“Because my life opened up, and it flooded with color when you walked back into it.

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