Compromise Quotes

Amit Kalantri

I cannot compromise my respect for your love. You can keep your love, I will keep
I cannot compromise my respect for your love. You can keep your love, I will keep my respect.

Amit Kalantri

Compromise brings harmony to both, happiness to none.

Michael Bassey Johnson

There is no compromise when it comes to someones delicate feelings, the only way out is to stop pretending and set yourself free from someones life.

Psyche Roxas-Mendoza

Jesus never wrote a book; never went outside his country. His only legacy was to never compromise the good. And it was more than enough for the world.

Laurell K. Hamilton

Still it might be nice, once in a while, not to have to choose between evils. Just once, couldn't I choose the lesser good?

Stephen Fry

Compromise is a stalling between two fools.

Ayn Rand

To sell your soul is the easiest thing in the world. That's what everybody does every hour of his life. If I asked you to keep your soul - would you understand why that's much harder?

John F. Kennedy

Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.

[Inaugural Address, January 20 1961]

D.R. Silva

I will never compromise Truth for the sake of getting along with people who can only get along when we agree.

Ayn Rand

I can accept anything, except what seems to be the easiest for most people: the half-way, the almost, the just-about, the in-between.

Phyllis McGinley

Compromise, if not the spice of life, is its solidity. It is what makes nations great and marriages happy

Amit Kalantri

Do not compromise on the quality and your customers will not negotiate on the price.

Edmond Mbiaka

Compromising is the only path that all happy couples travel on.

P.T. Forsyth

Unless there is within us that which is above us, we shall soon yield to that which is about us.

Dee Dee Artner

Life, relationships and success is not for compromise.

Bryant McGill

The fearful person wilts and submits to what they call fate. The fearless negotiates with fate for a compromise.

C.J. Redwine

We walked through the streets with our protectors. We wore our dresses. We gave up our education because that was the price of safety. That was the bargain we made with the devil we knew to escape the devil we didn't.

Joyce Carol Oates

Can compromise be an art? Yes-but a minor art.

Ben Carson

If we are to put an end to division, people from all political persuasions will have to stop fighting one another and seek true unity, not just a consensus that benefits one party.

Nenia Campbell

You will not mock me - and you will let me finish. I have owned and lost a kingdom, and I have battled death. I have been through all that, and I will not chase after you like some lovesick poet spouting verse. If you wish to call me yours, then you will have to act as if you are mine. On the front of surrender, there is no middle ground.

Justin K. McFarlane Beau

When you raise the most valid of points, you will be grazed by the most hollow of souls, and the most vacant of personages.

Amit Kalantri

If you adjust first time, compromise second time, failure is what you will get third time.

Amit Kalantri

If you could stay as stubborn as when you were a child then you need not to compromise on your dreams.

Popo Santos

Applaud to those who withstand the shards of compromise. May laurel leaves sit on your head, and life-long pride be yours for the taking.

Evelyn Waugh

If she looked further than the wedding, it was to see marriage as the beginning of individual existence, this skirmish from which one one's spurs, from which one set out on the true quests of life.

Gillian Flynn

Compromise, communicate, and never go to bed angry - the three pieces of advice gifted and regifted to all newlyweds.

Nicholas Sparks

Marriage is about compromise; it's about doing something for the other person, even when you don't want to.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Love without sacrifice is like theft

Sara Sheridan

It is through our extended family that we first learn to compromise and come to an understanding that even if we don't always agree about things we can still love and look out for each other.

Chintan Jain

If it is worth a dream, it's not worth a compromise!

Anthony Liccione

It's useless to paint a closed door, in order to change its color. The door needs to be open for both sides to change as same.

John Corey Whaley

We all get lots of people. And maybe we don’t always get to have them the exact way we want them, but if we can figure out a way to compromise, you know, then we can keep them all.

Jon Meacham

A politician's task was to bring reality and policy into the greatest possible account with the ideal and the principled.

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