Doctor Quotes

Unknown Author

No doctor knows everything. There's a reason why it's called "practising" medicine.

Martin H. Fischer

A doctor must work eighteen hours a day and seven days a week. If you cannot console yourself to this, get out of the profession.

Peggy Vincent

Childbirth is normal until proven otherwise.

Ina May Gaskin

It would be a mistake, though, to consider care by family doctors or midwives inferior to that offered by obstetricians simply on the grounds that obstetricians need not refer care to a family physician or midwife if no complications develop during a course of labor.

Nouman Ali Khan

If doctors are paid the same salary as bus drivers, community would not be crazy about making their children doctors

Amit Kalantri

A doctor, a teacher and a politician have no caste.

Richard Selzer

You cannot separate passion from pathology any more than you can separate a person's spirit from his body.

David Stewart

Time and time again, throughout the history of medical practice, what was once considered as "scientific" eventually becomes regarded as "bad practice".

Howard Tayler

Welcome to your new bodies, gentlemen. If you'd like, I can help you start your owm 'dysmorphia is all in your head' support group.
-Doctor Bunnigus

Jeffrey Lang

As I read the Qur’an and prayed the Islamic prayers, a door to my heart was unsealed and I was immersed in an overwhelming tenderness.

Paul Cornell

John Smith: Mankind doesn't need warfare and bloodshed to prove itself. Everyday life can provide honour and valour. Let's hope that from now on this country can find its heroes in smaller places. In the most ordinary of deeds.

Rebecca McNutt

So many people spend years (and money) studying to be doctors, lawyers, actors, dancers, business executives and scientists - when you're an author, you can be any of these things, and you don't need a degree or certificate; all you need is an imagination, a dream and an open mind.

Terry Pratchett

In the words of the philosopher Sceptum, the founder of my profession: am I going to get paid for this?

John Hersey

Do not work primarily for money; do your duty to patients first and let the money follow; our life is short, we don't live twice; the whirlwind will pick up the leaves and spin them, but then it will drop them and they will form a pile.

Sebastian Faulks

How grand, to be a Doctor of whatever and to weigh up and decide people's future.

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