Motherhood Quotes

Anne Tyler

It seems to me that since I've had children, I've grown richer and deeper. They may have slowed down my writing for a while, but when I did write, I had more of a self to speak from.

Crystal Woods

My existence began the day you were created and was realized the day we met.. Crystal
My existence began the day you were created and was realized the day we met.

Stephen Colbert

So, a word to all you Femin-Idi-Amins: Stop “liberating” moms by trying to
make them join the workforce. They’re already doing the job that God put
them here to do: Everything.

Emily Matchar

American culture at large has failed working mothers.

Emily Matchar

When we combine very real workplace inequalities with these romantic opt-out stories, the idea that "having it all" is a laughable goal becomes enshrined as immutable truth. And when we portray opting out as a simple matter of "choice," we ignore the systematic problems that make combining work and motherhood so difficult.

Charles Bukowski

my mother, poor fish,
wanting to be happy, beaten two or three times a
week, telling me to be happy: "Henry, smile!
why don't you ever smile?"

and then she would smile, to show me how, and it was the
saddest smile I ever saw

Barbara Kingsolver

A first child is your own best foot forward, and how you do cheer those little feet as they strike out. You examine every turn of flesh for precocity, and crow it to the world. But the last one: the baby who trails her scent like a flag of surrender through your life when there will be no more coming after-oh, that' s love by a different name.

Dorothy Parker

The best way to keep children at home is to make the home atmosphere pleasant, and let the air out of the tires.

C. JoyBell C.

I think that the best thing we can do for our children is to allow them to do things for themselves, allow them to be strong, allow them to experience life on their own terms, allow them to take the subway... let them be better people, let them believe more in themselves.

L.M. Montgomery

Oh, Marilla, I thought I was happy before. Now I know that I just dreamed a pleasant dream of happiness. This is the reality.

Nancy E. Turner

Mama said it's probably because of Suzanne, and that you are never the same after a child dies. That made me wonder what she was like before Clover died, because I don't think I really knew my own mother until I had children, and if she was different before, I don't remember.

Kathleen Sheeder Bonanno

the sharp,
plaintive edge
on the rim
of the spoon
of my giving.
(lines 8-13 of the poem 'Confessions')

Richelle E. Goodrich

I stumble and fall.
I weep and struggle to rise.
My mom feels it all.

Abigail Adams

Well, knowledge is a fine thing, and mother Eve thought so; but she smarted so severely for hers, that most of her daughters have been afraid of it since.

L.R. Knost

It's not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world. It's our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless.


Let your children uplift your burdens and allow your role as a mother - to flourish and grow.


Motherhood furnishes us with, not just giving life - but, partaking of life’s learning.


It is within your loving and welcoming arms that a new generation will arrive & be greeted.


Motherhood unwittingly molds us into all we are now, or are - destined to be.

Miya Yamanouchi

You don't need to be primary caregiver of your children to be of primary influence in their lives. What you do for them behind the scenes in your own unique way is what makes the true difference in the long run.

Ruth Minshull

What is success, after all, but doing what you really want to do?

Suzanne Collins

The only thing worse than fighting a giant scorpion was fighting a giant scorpion who was trying to protect her young.

Cassandra Page

On a good day, my style is librarian chic. On a bad day, it's frumpy mother.

Ann Voskamp

I am a mother-tired, but when my soul doth magnify, my time doth magnify.

Ruth Ozeki

Time plays tricks on mothers. It teases you with breaks and brief caesuras, only to skip wildly forward, bringing breathtaking changes to your baby's body. Only he wasn't a baby anymore, and how often did I have to learn that? The lessons were painful.

Sara Sheridan

In the 1950s at least less was expected of women. Now we're supposed to build a career, build a home, be the supermum that every child deserves, the perfect wife, meet the demands of elderly parents, and still stay sane.

Mona Simpson

Maybe she’d always wished to be beautiful and didn’t quite dare to, because she could tell that people didn’t say she was and more attention was given to other women, but she still had a frail hope that there’d been a mistake and she was after all.

George R.R. Martin

For men, the answer was always the same and never farther away than the nearest sword. For a woman, a mother, the way was stonier and harder to know.

Camille Paglia

Reunion with the mother is a siren call haunting our imagination. Once there was bliss, and now there is struggle. Dim memories of life before the traumatic separation of birth may be the source of Arcadian fantasies of a lost golden age.

Jeanine Henning Nhakira

You are everything you should be, and all that is enough. Be proud of who you are, and love who you will become.” – Lady Lalaigne to Nhakira, “Chosen

Shannon Celebi

She also understood there was a hole in her heart where her son should be, that she was a wicked, selfish woman for wishing him back.

Elizabeth Stone

Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body

Yoshikani Taki

Mothers should negotiate between nations. Mothers of fighting countries would agree: Stop this killing now. Stop it now.

Janet Goodfriend

Because you live to love and love to live/ And because of what your heardrum will give/ Now we might love to live and live to love.

Amit Kalantri

People who lost their mother should be careful about committing crime, because probably no one else is praying to save you.

Philippa Gregory

But the magic moment when he walks alone has not yet happened, and I was praying he would do it before I have to leave. Now he will take his first step without me. And every step thereafter, I know. Every step of his life, and me not there to see him walk.

Nancy E. Turner

The best thing a girl can be is a good wife and mother. It is a girl's highest calling. I hope I am ready.

Jessica Valenti

There's a reason why the assumed goal for women in virginity-movement screeds is marriage and motherhood only: The movement only believes that's the only thing women are meant for.

Jani Ortlund

Anything of worth is costly: devotion to Christ, a strong marriage, financial responsibility, a life of integrity, and of course, fearlessly feminine mothering.

Agu Jaachynma N.E.

A loving mother makes sacrifices for peace and laughter to reign in her home and family.

Agu Jaachynma N.E.

Motherhood is a blissful chain...I have a mother - my precious gift...I am a mother - the best of my kind!

Agu Jaachynma N.E.

A true mother is known for her compassion, love and passion; she is everly dedicated to her calling.

Agu Jaachynma N.E.

A wholesome mother knows the software to delete, download, upgrade and upload for the best results.

Agu Jaachynma N.E.

A wise mother is the unifying force between father and children; her seed of love produces a harvest of trust.

Agu Jaachynma N.E.

A praying mother symbolizes grace, strength and wisdom; she is an icon of productivity and ingenuity.

Agu Jaachynma N.E.

A Godly mother`s seed of faith yields a bounty of faithfulness.

Agu Jaachynma N.E.

An industrious mother is an initiator of a good course; always charting new course for her loved ones.

Agu Jaachynma N.E.

A virtuous mother sows and sows seeds of greatness with great life in mind.

Agu Jaachynma N.E.

An excellent mother knows she has the beautiful life, and she is a big time programmer.

Agu Jaachynma N.E.

A mother`s job is not complete till she has taught and imbibed God`s Words, and principles into her kids.

Agu Jaachynma N.E.

A mother has the best of all smiles; she is a wonderful friend, lover and adviser.

Kathryn Michaels

The silence stretched out between us as I stared at him, the tears blurring my vision as I waited for him to save me from this torment. Surely he could find a way.

Jandy Nelson

Maybe what my sister wanted was to stay here and get married and have a family.
Maybe that was her color of extraordinary.

Frank A. Oski

Imagine that the world had created a new 'dream product' to feed and immunize everyone born on earth. Imagine also that it was available everywhere, required no storage or delivery, and helped mothers plan their families and reduce the risk of cancer. Then imagine that the world refused to use it.

Kate Gosselin

Leah: I want those gubs Mommy.
Kate: They're not 'gubs' they're 'gloves'
Aaden and Leah try and say gloves
Leah: Gloves!
Kate: Good job!
Aaden: Gubs!
Kate: No

Quinn Cummings

It was deflating to realize how much my own family's quality of life might improve if I replaced myself with a Fundamentalist stay-at-home daughter.

Jonathan Franzen

The Astors and the Vanderbilts, their pleasure domes and money: she was sick of it. Sick of envying, sick of herself. She didn't understand antiques or architecture, she couldn't draw like Sylvia, she didn't read like Ted, she had few interests and no expertise. A paucity for love was the only true thing she'd ever had.

Jaachynma N.E. Agu

Look Beyond Motherhood and Parenting; Focus on the uniqueness of every Child.

Kelly Corrigan

And it occurs to me that maybe the reason my mother was so exhausted all the time wasn’t because she was doing so much but because she was feeling so much.

Jani Ortlund

When we mother well, we teach our children to embrace the moral obligations that build solid relationships, healthy marriages, and secure families.

Antonella Gambotto-Burke

Repudiating the vulnerability I felt had wrecked the lives of women around me, I modelled myself on my controlled father. I wanted his freedom and his focus. To him, a family was an aquarium: controlled, contained. To the women I knew, a family was everything.

Kelly DeBie

A mother's love, it knows no end. It begins with a dream, with a silent wish, and it never ever ends.

Osamu Dazai

Even if Mary gives birth to a child who is not her husband's, if she has a shining pride, they become a holy mother and child.

Barbara Brooke

Toys have taken over my family room. I watch Mary Poppins, and no matter how many spoonfuls of sugar I eat, action figures won’t march into a bin with the snap of my fingers.

Jonathan Safran Foer

A few days after we came home from the hospital, I sent a letter to a friend, including a photo of my son and some first impressions of fatherhood. He responded, simply, 'Everything is possible again.' It was the perfect thing to write because that was exactly how it felt.

Karen Brown

Sadie heard her inside cleaning up the kitchen and wondered what dreams Betty's mother had for herself, if all mothers had them, bottled up beneath their mother exteriors.

Raquel Cepeda

If it weren’t for her setting me free, I may still be a caged bird today, holding my own daughter captive on a shit-laden perch.

N.K. Jemisin

In a child's eyes, a mother is a goddess. She can be glorious or terrible, benevolent or filled with wrath, but she commands love either way. I am convinced that this is the greatest power in the universe.

Betty Smith

It's come at last", she thought, "the time when you can no longer stand between your children and heartache.

Iris Marion Young

Breasts are a scandal because they shatter the border between motherhood and sexuality.

Jodi Picoult

I wondered how long it took for a baby to become yours, for familiarity to set in. Maybe as long as it took a new car to lose that scent, or a brand-new house to gather dust. Maybe that was the process more commonly described as bonding: the act of learning your child as well as you know yourself.

Thrity Umrigar

And a mother without children is not a mother at all, and if I am not a mother, than I am nothing. Nothing. I am like sugar dissolved in a glass of water. Or, I am like salt, which disappears when you cook with it. I am salt. Without my children, I cease to exist.

Solange Nicole

A mother who would stop at nothing for her child is dangerous woman when crossed.

Sylvia Plath

What is so real as the cry of a child?
A rabbit's cry may be wilder
But it has no soul.

Diana Gabaldon

When you hold a child to your breast to nurse, the curve of the little head echoes exactly the curve of the breast it suckles, as though this new person truly mirrors the flesh from which it sprang.

Joyce Carol Oates

The danger of motherhood. you relive your early self, through the eyes of your mother.

Caitlin Moran

And the question is always "When are you going to have kids?" Rather than "Do you want to have kids?

Antonella Gambotto-Burke

It is only through my daughter that I have come to realise that a life without femininity – devoid of mystery, emotion, gentleness and the unerring power of a woman’s love – is no life at all.

Karen Maezen Miller

The life of a mother is the life of a child: you are two blossoms on a single branch.

Cokie Roberts

When kids made a decision for themselves they have a vested interest in showing they were right. Lee wanted to prove to me that he had made the right choice so he worked hard and did well. If we'd forced him to go to college somewhere else all the incentives would've been different. Then he would have had a motive to prove that we were wrong.

Virginia Woolf

Oh, but she never wanted James to grow a day older or Cam either. These two she would have liked to keep for ever just as the way they were, demons of wickedness, angels of delight, never to see them grow up into long-legged monsters.

Tsultrim Allione

As I cooked in the cauldron of motherhood, the incredible love I felt for my children opened my heart and brought me a much greater understanding of universal love. It made me understand the suffering of the world much more deeply.

Gavin De Becker

When a baby is born the mother in particular enters into a new larger relationship with the world. She has become connected to all people. She is part of keeping us on earthnot the "us" comprised of individuals but the species itself. By protecting this one baby this gift a mother accepts life's clearest responsibility.

Jhumpa Lahiri

He still had the power to stagger her at timessimply the fact that he was breathing that all his organs were in their proper places that blood flowed quietly and effectively through his small sturdy limbs. He was her flesh and blood her mother had told her in the hospital the day Akash was born.

Kelly Corrigan

I snap and storm around and then spend long nights thinking of the most damaged adults I know and wondering if my particular brand of maternal fuckups are how they ended up like that.

Ruth Minshull

If your child is constantly interrupting or doing other things to get your attention, he is not getting enough communication of the right kind. Just the fact that you are in the house with him all day does not mean that you are necessarily devoting any time to com- munication of his choice.

Toni Morrison

The best thing she was, was her children.

Veronika Jensen

You and I. Hand in hand. An endless story of love. A love that grew in me for 9 months and only grows bigger each day.

You and I. Hand in hand. An endless journey. Countless steps. One destination - your happiness.

You and I. Hand in hand. My heart and blood. I'll share it all - take it - my whole life is you.

Kelly Corrigan

At first parenthood was as I had expected, exhausting, sometimes heinous, and occasionally divine. I held my children close enough to feel them breathe, laugh, swallow.

Junot Díaz

Something must have happened, your mother speculated. In her mind a woman with no child could only be explained by vast untrammeled calamity.
Maybe she just doesn't like children.
Nobody likes children, Yunior, your mother assured you. That doesn't mean you don't have them.

Mona Simpson

Too many times I'd left him reaching for me, from a babysitter's arms. "Am I still a mother?" I asked myself... What parts of the day could I cut out and still give him enough? Paul never asked himself that. He thought he was a great dad.

Linda Becker

Still the most magical day of my life was the day I became a mom.

Jojo Moyes

The only thing Jess really cared about were those two children and letting them know they were okay. Because even if the whole world was throwing rocks at you, if you had your mother at your back, you'd be okay. Some deep-rooted part of you would know you were loved. That you deserved to be loved.

Sarah Payne Stuart

You’re only as happy as your least happy child,’ is the best description of motherhood I have ever read.

Chinua Achebe

When mother-cow is chewing grass its young ones watch its mouth

Shannon Celebi

You’re saying, “What the hell am I gonna do with her?” You’re saying, “Shit, did she take her pills?” You’re saying, “Once upon a time, I used to have a little girl.

Charlotte Pearson

The most exhausting, emotional, rewarding
and life-enhancing journey a woman can take.

Charlotte Pearson

In order for them to be the best they can be, my children need me to be the best version of me I can be. That means
taking charge of our lives, being strong even if I don’t feel it,being brave and believing that I can make things better.

Andrew Galasetti

Mamas are always crying about how one day they see you as a baby, and the next morning, they see you growed up.


I remember the shift that occurred after Abby was born - there'd been the great big before, where dying grandparents and natural disasters on the news were sad but mostly distant concerns. But then I became a mother, and when that happens, you cross a line that makes all loss a crushing, personal matter.


I remember the sift that occurred after Abby was born - there'd been the great big before, where dying grandparents and natural disasters on the news were sad but mostly distant concerns. But then I became a mother, and when that happens, you cross a line that makes all loss a crushing, personal matter.

Lydia Davis

At a certain point in her life, she realises it is not so much that she wants to have a child as that she does not want not to have a child, or not to have had a child.

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