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William Wilberforce

You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.

Kirstie Alley

It's funny. No matter how hard you try, you can't close your heart forever. And the minute you open it up, you never know what's going to come in. But when it does, you just have to go for it! Because if you don't, there's not point in being here.

Tim Fargo

Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.

Simona Panova

And I wasn’t playing a role – I was trying to be myself.
But the harder I was striving, the more I was realizing that I had probably lost that ‘myself’ somewhere between two perfectly performed roles...

Michael Bassey Johnson

We didn't come to the world just to entertain, we came to play remarkable roles, and our reward is to see you doing more than us.


If you not yet try How to know you can or not?

Amit Kalantri

Admire the efforts of a failure like you admire the beauty of a sunset.. Amit Kalantri
Admire the efforts of a failure like you admire the beauty of a sunset.

Jim George

An obedient child learns from the example of an obedient parent.

Leena Ahmad Almashat

Those who don't jump will never fly.

Gary Hopkins

Making the attempt is what matters most.

Richelle E. Goodrich

Thousands of hopeful days came to naught before this one. This was a golden day. Never give up.

Richelle E. Goodrich

It is a greater triumph for the fearful soul who tries and fails than for the fearless who succeed.

Josh Stern

Some people try to climb the ladder of success, while others try to jump on it

Nabil N. Jamal

Here's how man thinks: "If no one's done it, why should I try? It's a waste of my time; but if he's done it, I can do it better.

Rod Serling

The ultimate obscenity is not caring, not doing something about what you feel, not feeling! Just drawing back and drawing in, becoming narcissistic.

Amber Garibay

We were each of us trying; trying to undo our own history while wishing for Superman.

Munia Khan

My pillows are dreaming, not me.With my eyes closed I only try to feel how they dream.

Joan Klempner

To achieve the impossible dream, try going to sleep.

John O'Callaghan

The only dreams that matter are the ones you have when you're awake.

Joe Brooks

When all that you've tried, leaves nothing but holes inside.

Alex Day

If real, regular, normal, boring life, (when you're at home every day, seeing the same people, doing the same things) is like sitting at home on the floor surrounded by toys... traveling feels to me like going to Toys R Us with your toy box and getting to trade stuff in and buy new things and explore whole new ideas.

Richelle E. Goodrich

Doing nothing accomplishes nothing, gains nothing, changes nothing, and wins nothing. You have to make a move.

Dannika Dark

The most self-damaging words in the English language are: try, might, and if. These are words of uncertainty. Will you fail? That is possible. But continue doubting your abilities and you’ll never succeed.

Georges Clemenceau

A mans life is interesting primarily when he has failed. I well know. For its a sign that he tried to surpass himself.


Its not about winnning or losing, or how much you know before you do something.
Its all about trying, how and how much have you tried is all that is important.
And the day you try with all your might, courage and wit (doing the right thing at the right time), victory shall surely be yours and yours alone.

Bruce Van Horn

The hardest part of doing anything new is finding the courage to decide to at least try.

Rebecca Donovan

It was more important for me to try, than to not have the chance at all.

Jonathan Rottenberg

Though I learned little in my compromised state, I learned enough to make a decision: I was going to understand how mood could overwhelm. I was going to understand depression or die trying.

Lailah Gifty Akita

Never give up on anything.
If you fail, try, try and try again.
You are learning the best ways of doing things.

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