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Natasa Pantovic Nuit

A child has a deep longing to discover that the World is based on Truth. Respect that longing. In our attempt to help children grow into Inspired Adults, we wish them to carry the Youthfulness of their Souls, and the Wonders of Childhood into their old age.

Natasa Pantovic Nuit

Every child is an individual with a different growth rate & a varied and vast potential. Respecting the talent that is hidden within each child, we respect their potential to become Kings of their Trade, or Saviors of the World to come.

Svetlana Alexievich

В каждом из нас есть сосуд любви, если он не заполнится в детстве, то всю жизнь
В каждом из нас есть сосуд любви, если он не заполнится в детстве, то всю жизнь будешь мучиться от жажды и неутоления. И не спастись, не уберечься. В ее сосуде было только на донышке... Бабушкино...

Dejan Stojanovic

To risk life to save a smile on a face of a woman or a child
To risk life to save a smile on a face of a woman or a child is the secret of chivalry.

Dan Pearce

Children are gifts. They are not ours for the breaking. They are ours for the making.

Dan Pearce

Dads. Do your faces light up when you first see your child in the morning or when you come home from work? Do you not understand that a child’s entire sense of value can revolve around what they see in your face when you first see them?

Dan Pearce

Loving my son, building my son, touching my son, playing with my son, being with my son… these aren’t tasks that only super dads can perform. These are tasks that every dad should perform. Always. Without fail.

Roman Payne

To wander is to be alive.. Roman Payne
To wander is to be alive.

Elizabeth George

Leave your mark on the world by leaving behind a child who grows up to love
Leave your mark on the world by leaving behind a child who grows up to love and serve the Lord.

Suzanne Collins

I know I'll never marry, never risk bringing a child into the world. Because if there's one thing being a victor doesn't guarantee, it's our children's safety. My kids' names would go right into the reaping balls with everyone else's. And I swear I'll never let that happen.

Lailah Gifty Akita

Parent should never forget the great excitement they felt for the birth of a new born into the world.

Aniruddha Sastikar

Forcing the muse to let thoughts flow; equals to pushing a child, into labor.

Carlos Ruiz Zafón

The words with which a child's heart is poisoned, whether through malice or through ignorance, remain branded in his memory, and sooner or later they burn his soul.

Michael Bassey Johnson

When you start listening to side talks, you begin to behave like a child, and you must kill the child to sustain the man, the man is always overlooking and philosophical.

Isabella Poretsis

If women and men want to be treated as adults they must begin to act without the childish selfishness that pollutes our world.

Philip Pullman

There’s been terrible things we seen, en’t there? And more a coming, more’n likely. So I think I’d rather not know what’s in the future. I’ll stick to the present.

H. L. Balcomb

One's past can't be erased, it can only be learned from, the child taught her.


There's honesty embedded everywhere when you see the world through the eyes of a child.

Ambrose Bierce

Sweater, n. Garment worn by child when its mother is feeling chilly.

Emma Donoghue

If I was made of cake I'd eat myself before somebody else could.

Shannon Hale

I'm Razo, a member of Bayern's Own," he said, stopping himself from adding "Loafing is just a hobby of mine."
"Bayern's Own? But you're a child."
Razo looked up to the sky. "I'm not a child, I'm just short.

Toni Maguire

I remember the pain I felt, and wonder why a man who was such an accomplished liar had to tell the truth that day.

Anne McCaffrey

If Jana had been given to putting her thoughts into words, she might have told Laxmi that without someone to love,there was no reason to live.

Audrey Niffenegger

one of the best and the most painful things about time traveling has been the opportunity to see my mother alive.

Alice Sebold

He would find his Susie,inside his young son. Give that love to the living.

Janice Hardy

And no child deserved to die for defending her father, no matter who she was

Cormac McCarthy

This is my child, he said. I wash a dead man's brains out of his hair. That is my job.

Rabindranath Tagore

Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man.

Mark Schultz

You are a child of mine,
Born of my own design,
And you bear the hard of life.
No matter where you go,
Oh, you will always know,
That you've been made free in Christ,
And you are a child of mine!

Chuck Palahniuk

I am the child of a lunatic. Not a child of God.

Jim George

As your heart goes, so goes your family! If your heart isn't right, no child raising system, rules, or gimmicks will ever work. As your heart goes, so goes your parenting!

Rodney Dangerfield

When I was kidnapped as a child my parents sent a letter to the hijackers me Pay 5,000 dollars or your back

Nicholas Sparks

And I learned what is obvious to a child. That life is simply a collection of little lives, each lived one day at a time. That each day should be spent finding beauty in flowers and poetry and talking to animals. That a day spent with dreaming and sunsets and refreshing breezes cannot be bettered.

Charlotte M. Mason

Let children alone... the education of habit is successful in so far as it enables the mother to let her children alone, not teasing them with perpetual commands and directions - a running fire of Do and Don’t ; but letting them go their own way and grow, having first secured that they will go the right way and grow to fruitful purpose.

Leo Tolstoy

Without the support from religion-remember, we talked about it-no father, using only his own resources, would be able to bring up a child.

Santosh Kalwar

This is heaven my child.

Lailah Gifty Akita

When I was a child, I thought like a child.
When I became adult, I seek a deeper understanding of life.

Amit Kalantri

Every child gets a good mother, but not every mother gets a good child.

Lailah Gifty Akita

Children act on the words they hear.
May your words be gracious to the hearing of children.
May your words inspire and challenge children to fulfill their true potential.

Amit Kalantri

The problem with a man is, he is no more a child.

Amit Kalantri

Children imitate their parents, employees their managers.

Asa Don Brown

The process of grief and loss is as unique as your personal DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid); no two individuals will have the same experiences or relationship to grief.

Richard Dawkins

Faith can be very very dangerous, and deliberately to implant it into the vulnerable mind of an innocent child is a grievous wrong.

Suzy Kassem

The Creator favors the man who LOVES over the man who HATES. If you teach hatred to your children, one day your child will have that hatred reflected back onto them and onto YOU.

Jim George

God is in control of all events and is able to protect and provide for you His child.

Jim George

An obedient child learns from the example of an obedient parent.

Anne Fadiman

I can think of few better ways to introduce a child to books than to let her stack them, upend them, rearrange them, and get her fingerprints all over them.

Alberto Manguel

I don't remember ever feeling lonely; in fact, on the rare occasions when I met other children I found their games and their talk far less interesting than the adventures and dialogues I read in my books.

Mizuki Nomura

There’s a different flavor to children’s literature you read after you grow up than there was reading it as a child. Things that were sweet as a child become bitter once you grow up.

Charisse Montgomery

Managing in-home nursing is not always easy. It can be terribly frustrating sometimes, and it can take a while to feel like everything is under control, but success is possible.

Catherine M. Wilson

Merin smiled. "I fought in battle and your mother bore two children. Of the two of us, I think she was the courageous one.

Vera Nazarian

The sand in the hourglass runs from one compartment to the other, marking the passage of moments with something constant and tangible.

If you watch the flowing sand, you might see time itself riding the granules.

Contrary to popular opinion, time is not an old white-haired man, but a laughing child.

And time sings.

Carew Papritz

KIDS. They know a BRIBE when they see one. They want a PARENT, not a PAY-OFF. They don’t care if you’re Jack-King-Rodeo or Mister-You-Own-New-York. All they understand is time spent WITH YOU or WITHOUT YOU. It’s that SIMPLE.

Jeanette Winterson

When a woman gives birth her waters break and she pours out the child and the
When a woman gives birth her waters break and she pours out the child and the child runs free.

V.C. Andrews

You are an intriguing combination, half child, half seductress, half angel."

I laughed sort and bitterly. "That's what all men like to think about women. Little girls they have to take care of-when I know for a fact it is the male who is more boy than man.

Elizabeth George

A mothers greatest joy in having a child is to give that child fully and freely to God.

Ellen J. Barrier

No decent man would ever strike a woman or a child.

Charisse Montgomery

With emotions ranging from fear, grief and anger to happiness and relief, the process of bringing home a child who needs in-home care can be complicated

Clifton Fadiman

Reading to small children is a specialty.

Richard Due

If you want to see and feel magic first hand, read a book to your kid before bedtime. - Richard Due

Priyavrat Thareja

Quality speaks by itself. Rightly communicated it creates Joy. Like an Infant needs no words to express to her mother. Any success of communication enhances beauty of both, which too needs no words to endorse.

Aaron B. Powell

I’m just happy to have experienced life; to have had a beautiful son and to have loved.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Art is the child of nature in whom we trace the features of the mothers face.

Dan Brown

She lay outside in the courtyard, staring up at the raindrops… feeling them hit her body… trying to guess where one would land next. The nuns called again, threatening that pneumonia might make an insufferably headstrong child a lot less curious about nature.

Mikhail Lermontov

A childish feeling, I admit, but, when we retire from the conventions of society and draw close to nature, we involuntarily become children: each attribute acquired by experience falls away from the soul, which becomes anew such as it was once and will surely be again.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

A torn jacket is soon mended, but hard words bruise the heart of a child.

Elizabeth George

As a mother, you need to remember that a loving and compassionate God is one hundred percent aware of your child’s situation.

Paul Hoffman

...the heart of a child can take forty-nine blows before it’s damaged for ever and what’s done can never be undone.

Margery Williams

When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.

Gregory Maguire

We only have babies when we’re young enough not to know how grim life turns out.

Eve Merriam

I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask,
Mother, what was war?

T.P. Louise

Father never approved of my toys
Saw them as child's playthings
I was a child

They were my world
I ruled there
And he stepped on them
Destroying them

And in turn
Destroyed me
I should have been left to play
Now I must step on everything

Ishmael Beah

I put my hands behind my head and lay on my back, trying to hold on to the memories of my family. Their faces seemed to be far off somewhere in my mind, and to get to them I had to bring up painful memories.

Ishmael Beah

My squad was my family, my gun was my provider and protector, and my rule was to kill or be killed. The extent of my thoughts didn’t go much beyond that. We had been fighting for over two years, and killing had become a daily activity. I felt no pity for anyone.

Ishmael Beah

I lay in my bed night after night staring at the ceiling and thinking, Why have I survived the war? Why was I the last person in my immediate family to be alive? I didn’t know.

Shaun Hick

Eyes so young, so full of pain ... Two lonely drops of winter rain ... And no tear could these eyes sustain ... For too much had they seen.

Sarah Todd Hammer

I was eight years old and scared, and had no idea what was going on

Amit Kalantri

When you are a grown up your brothers become your neighbors and your unconditional brotherhood become your conditional neighborhood.

Amit Kalantri

To your parents you are still that innocent baby, and sometimes even you will need your father's hand and your mother's lap.

Amit Kalantri

When I see an evil person, I cannot believe that once he was an innocent and sweet baby.

Amit Kalantri

If you could stay as stubborn as when you were a child then you need not to compromise on your dreams.

Amit Kalantri

First you be a hero and then raise your child to be a hero.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I love you, Daisy. I love you so much I hurt.

Judith Merkle Riley

Why the Romans, Father?" I asked him one afternoon.
"Because, my child, they teach us how to bear suffering in a world of injustice where all faith is dead," he answered.

Louise Bates Ames

Your typical Six-year-old is a paradoxical little person, and bipolarity is the name of his game.

Charisse Montgomery

The partnership between nurses and families is based on mutual trust, and defining the boundaries and rules clearly will help everyone involved, especially your child.

Nadia Hashimi

Do as you must - you are not a child. But understand that there are many people willing to make your life more difficult. It is up to you to find a way to make things easier for yourself.

Anthony Liccione

I was the first face you saw when you were born, you were bald as my hair ran black. Now yours the last face I saw before I died, your hair ran black, as I was bald.

Abby Norman

This is for the kids who know that the worst kind of fear isn't the thing that makes you scream, but the one that steals your voice and keeps you silent.

Abby Norman

I was the problem and the solution.

J.K. Rowling

Harry... take my body back, will you? Take my body back to my parents...

Sara Sheridan

An aunt is a safe haven for a child. Someone who will keep your secrets and is always on your side.

Abeba Habtu

Whether I felt strong and courageous or not, I would now have to be for my baby boy.

Sydney J. Harris

And most of the failures in parent-child relationships, from my observation, begin when the child begins to acquire a mind and a will of its own, to make independent decisions and to question the omnipotence or the wisdom of the parent.

Sydney J. Harris

Genuine love for a child, it seems to me, must include a desire for his maturity and ultimately his independence. WAtching a personality unfold is perhaps the deepest pleasure of parenthood; wishing, or trying, to retard this growth is one of the deepest sins.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Being a 'good' parent is more about the parent, and, less about the 'supposedly-could-have-been-bad' child.

Justin Torres

We hit and we kept on hitting; we were allowed to be what we were, frightened and vengeful - little animals, clawing at what we needed.

Orson Scott Card

In my dreams," said Ender, "I'm never sure whether I'm really me.

D. Simone

For Every Child We Teach To Cherish Learning, A Universe Is Born.


[...]make sure you raise your children by having them play in their studies, and don't use force.

Enock Maregesi

Nimewapa watoto wangu kila kitu katika maisha isipokuwa umaskini. Lakini bado wamenishinda.

Enock Maregesi

Wape watoto wako urithi wa kutosha ili waweze kufanya kitu, lakini si urithi wa kutosha ili wasiweze kufanya kitu. Wape watoto uhuru wanaostahili kupata, uhuru wa mahesabu, lakini si uhuru wa kila kitu.

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